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Where in Spain Should You Study Abroad?

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Spain ceiling at Mezquita

For decades, students around the world have been flocking to Spain for study abroad -- it has consistently ranked in the top 5 most popular study abroad destinations, and is a global hub. It is known for its parks, museums, history, nightlife -- you name it, Spain has something to offer!

Spain has successfully integrated its modern industry and infrastructure with its history, preserving important landmarks such as the Royal Palace, the Teatro Royal, and the Guell Palace (be sure not to forget your camera!). Its architecture is unrivaled, and each street and neighborhood is more charming than the next.

Because of Spain's popularity, there are tons of programs for you to choose from in a ton of different awesome cities. Which city will be the best place for you to learn Spanish and immerse yourself in Spanish culture? Find out by taking our study abroad quiz below!

Learn More About your Match

To learn more about the study abroad programs offered in the city you matched up with, or read our fully comprehensive guides on studying abroad in these popular spots, scroll on!

madrid palace royal


For programs, consider USAC. You can also go to our list of study abroad programs in Madrid -- complete with guide -- to make your trip happen!


If you matched up with Valencia, consider programs by ISA Abroad or UVA Study Abroad. Musicians should consider the Berklee school of music. For more options, browse our full list of study abroad options in Valencia for an awesome study abroad trip to Valencia!

sagrada familia


Students headed for Barcelona should consider BridgeAbroad or CEA Study Abroad. For more options, view the full list of study abroad programs in Barcelona.


For those interested in studying abroad in Seville, consider programs by API Study Abroad or Adelante. Again, there are lots of options on our study abroad in Seville page.

Where Will You Go?

Which city did you get? Tell us in the comments below and share with your friends!

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