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Quiz: Where in Spain Should You Study Abroad?

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Spain ceiling at Mezquita
Feeling inspired to study abroad in Spain, but not sure which city to choose? No worries!

For decades, students around the world have been flocking to Spain for study abroad -- it has consistently ranked in the top 5 most popular study abroad destinations, and is a global hub. It is known for its parks, museums, history, nightlife -- you name it, Spain has something to offer!

Spain has successfully integrated its modern industry and infrastructure with its history, preserving important landmarks such as the Royal Palace, the Teatro Royal, and the Guell Palace (be sure not to forget your camera!). Its architecture is unrivaled, and each street and neighborhood is more charming than the next.

Because of Spain's popularity, there are tons of programs for you to choose from in a ton of different awesome cities. Which city will be the best place for you to learn Spanish and immerse yourself in Spanish culture? Find out by taking our study abroad quiz below!

1. Which of the following describes you best?

  1. I am always on the go, so I need a big city that moves as quickly as I do!
  2. I need things to keep me busy, but I like to go at my own pace.
  3. I can go anywhere, big or small, as long as I'm not surrounded by tourists...
  4. I hate sticking to a schedule; I prefer to be flexible and go with the flow.

2. What are you most looking forward to in Spain?

  1. Partying every night, I'm ready for la vida loca!
  2. The architecture, the fashion, the museums... give me all of it!
  3. The chance to go somewhere new and experience a different culture.
  4. Tasting new dishes, I'm a total foodie and can't wait to try out new cuisine.

3. Which gets your mouth watering?

  1. Starting my morning with fresh churros dipped in thick hot chocolate, yum!
  2. As long as I can get my hands on some fresh fish or seafood, I'm all set.
  3. Paella sounds really good right now, or maybe I should cool down with some horchata?
  4. Anything goes, I love trying out different tapas!

4. You have a weekend off: how do you pass the time?

  1. Sipping coffee in an elegant plaza, wandering world-class museums and galleries, and watching a professional futbol game. !Vamos!
  2. Admiring surreal Modernista architecture, doing a lot of shopping, and finally laying out on the beach... oh, and hitting the clubs every night!
  3. Enhancing my knowledge by heading over to the planetarium, or maybe exploring the largest aquarium in Europe - I'm all about the arts and sciences.
  4. Watching a bullfight one day and attending a live flamenco show the next. Why not throw in a visit to a royal palace while I'm at it?

5. Which event would you most like to experience?

  1. San Isidro Festival, consisting of celebrations in the main plazas, traditional dancing, music, markets, bullfights, and other nonstop festivities.
  2. La Merce Festival, a weeklong celebration featuring open-air concerts, human towers, parades, fire runs, and dancing.
  3. Las Fallas, one of the noisiest festivals in Spain comprised of exploding fireworks, loud music, streetlight displays, and bonfires.
  4. Semana Santa, or Holy Week, with somber processions depicting the Passion and death of Jesus Christ, traditionally dating back to the late Middle Ages.

Now calculating your super-scientific quiz results....

madrid palace royal

Mostly 1's - Madrid: The largest Spanish city and also the capital, Madrid is bustling and noisy, but don't let it faze you. This huge metropolis has a diverse population and boasts a large artistic and cultural heritage. It's here you can find a vibrant nightlife scene, world-class art museums showcasing some of the finest Spanish works, and historic architecture contrasting sharply against modern-day skyscrapers. Madrid is perfect for those wanting their first taste of Spanish culture without losing the comforts of home. Museo del Jamon is a must-visit place to dine on a Euro glass of wine and a plate of traditional Jamon. If you're set on studying abroad in Madrid, check out USAC or Enforex!

sagrada familia

Mostly 2's - Barcelona: Located on the Mediterranean coast, Spain's second-largest city offers a more relaxed pace than Madrid so you'll have plenty of time to enjoy your study abroad experience. However, Barcelona doesn't lack in things to do or places to see. Expect European urban style with a bohemian twist, an endless amount of museums, clubs, bars, famous beaches, and Modernista buildings. Big and lustrous, there's never a dull moment in Barcelona. The city center itself hosts coastlines and weekly fairs and markets, but outer cities offer bits of cultural variance that are unrivaled in other cities. Students suited for studying abroad in Barcelona should consider BridgeAbroad or CEA Study Abroad.

landmarks in valencia

Mostly 3's - Valencia: Valencia is not as often visited as Madrid and Barcelona, but it is an up-and-coming city worthy of a visit in its own right. Valencia presents a mixture of the past and present, with Gothic-style buildings contrasting with the futuristic City of Arts and Sciences, designed by city native Santiago Calatrava. Sun-lovers will find solace in this beachy city on the Mediterranean Sea. After all of your sightseeing you're like to be hungry - try Spain's most famous food right where it was born "Paella Valenciana." Check out programs by ISA Abroad and UVA Study Abroad for an awesome study abroad trip to Valencia!

church in seville

Mostly 4's - Seville: Some consider the real heart of Spain to be the autonomous community of Andalusia, where one can experience all aspects of a unique part of Spanish culture and history. The capital and largest city of this region, Seville, is classic Andalusia all rolled up into one. Here, you can witness bullfights, devour tapas, and watch authentic flamenco. Students who have studied abroad in Spain previously and are looking for a new experience will especially enjoy the challenges and delights of this oft-overlooked region. For those interested in studying abroad in Seville, consider programs by API Study Abroad or Adelante.

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