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  • Bailey Palmer Rafting
    By Lauren Salisbury on 07/13/2015
    No matter how young you are, there are endless ways for students to gain international experience, be it high school study abroad, a gap year before starting college or doing an internship in another country. When it comes to educational experiences overseas, Bailey Palmer has seemingly done it...
  • Teaching in Mexico
    By Steve Patton on 04/01/2015
    Photo Credit: Erica Alfonzetti Although China and South Korea usually hog the spotlight for teach abroad destinations, you've got your eye on another part of the world. You want to teach in Latin America. You've studied Spanish, fallen in love with salsa, or just want to be able to surf on the...
  • computer, girl, research
    By Natalie Southwick on 01/08/2015
    Photo Credit: Chris Carruth | Visionaria Peru Ahhh, the paid internship - that elusive, unicorn-like creation that so many of us dream of finding and so very few of us actually capture. But you, you're the ambitious type - and, not content to hunt for the mysterious beast at home, you've...
  • enforex, spanish
    By Carrie Niesen on 10/23/2014
    Photo Credit: Enforex You've heard your fellow students raving about study abroad in your Spanish classes. You've seen the glossy brochures on campus, devoured stories from living in Spain and Argentina from your Spanish language professors, and can't help but smile ear to ear when hearing from...
  • Dominican Republic
    By Carrie Daut on 05/09/2014
    Wherever your volunteer position in Latin America takes you, here are 11 things to know before you go! Congratulations! You've decided to dedicate your time as a volunteer in Latin America. Volunteering overseas will likely become one of the most influential experiences of your lifetime,...
  • API Students at Iguazu Falls
    By Natalie Southwick on 01/21/2014
    Time to brush up on those Spanish skills! Besides, your ability to name different Mexican foods isn't convincing anyone. ;-) Trying to pick up random words by hanging around your local Central American market doesn't seem to be working fast enough, so it's time to take charge of the situation...
  • Volunteer Latin America
    By Natalie Southwick on 01/07/2014
    Photo Credit: Greenheart Travel are reading this article. Just kidding! Let's get this out of the way first: you absolutely should volunteer in South America, because 1. Volunteering is awesome, and 2. Latin America is even more awesome. However, volunteers often have with a fixed...
  • feeding a toucan in costa rica
    By Elaine Murphy on 12/27/2013
    Adventures await for you in Latin America! With its biodiversity and wide range of ecosystems, Latin America is rich in opportunities for conservation volunteering. Volunteers interested in conservation can work to rehabilitate and protect wildlife, work on farms to learn about organic agriculture...
  • Beach in Central America
    By Dana Goble on 06/19/2013
    Escape to Central America with this perfect gap-year itinerary! Nestled between Mexico and South America is the dense group of countries that collectively form Central America. Due to its proximity to the equator and endless coastlines, Central America is paradise for gap year travelers looking to...
  • Swim with turtle
    By Dana Goble on 05/14/2013
    Sea turtle conservancy is a challenging and rewarding volunteer opportunity. Volunteering with sea turtles is a once in a lifetime experience. Whether you're already familiar with the endangerment issues, or are just looking to spend some time volunteering outdoors, you've come to the right place...