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Disney offers professional internships in resorts and theme parks in the USA. An internship with Disney is a great way for college students to get a foothold in the professional world. Interested applicants are encouraged to visit the Disney website to learn more about internship opportunities.

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Program Reviews

  • heyitsthatgirl
    Age: 19-24
    Fort Lauderdale, FL
    Disney Changed My Life

    When I came to Orlando on my Disney World college program, I was still someone who was stuck between adolescence and adulthood. I had never lived away from home before, and had never experienced anything completely on my own before. The Disney College program gives kids like me opportunities every day to grow and change and learn, in a safe, friendly, and fun environment. You get to live and work with kids your own age, and experience things together. You learn the in's and out's of the company, and if you are like me, never stop asking questions and making friends. With everybody! I have met so many people from across the globe thanks to this internship. And wouldn't trade anything for the experiences I had!

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