Bahamas Divermaster Internships

Work with the Bahamian National Trust during your gap year abroad teaching local communities and primary schools about marine conservation, assist with designing effecting management techniques for local marine parks, and gain insight into the lives of local coastal families in the Bahamas. Gap Year Diver has set up a program on Andros Island in the Bahamas, which is the largest yet least explored island in the Bahamas. Unlike the other islands, Andros Island has been largely untouched by commercial development and the tourist industry. It also has the smallest population per square mile, making it an idyllic destination to spend your gap year learning about marine conservation.

You will be staying in single-sex rooms in a Bahamian stilt house, overlooking the water. You are also given the option of renting a Privacy Pad, which is your own personal room. Check out Gap Year Diver's program in the Bahamas to travel to one of the most beautiful and untouched locations in the Caribbean.