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  • Study abroad in Africa trends
    By Chrissie Faupel on 04/30/2015
    Harvard University's Institute for Economic Research spent eleven long years studying ethnic groups. Their main research question was: If you picked two people at random in any nation and asked them their ethnicity, what are the chances that they would give a different answer? In total, they...
  • Andrew
    By Jessie Beck on 04/29/2015
    Last month, we introduced two of our marketers, Anna and Mandi, but today we're introducing Andrew Dunkle, the technical genius behind our website, and his partner in coding-crime, Edward Kim. Though they may not have the biggest outward voices on our team, or have their faces plastered all over...
  • Paid paid vacation
    By Mitch Gordon on 04/16/2015
    Will Ha Long Bay, Vietnam be a destination for team Go Overseas? When Andrew, Tucker, and I started Go Overseas, we wanted to create one of the best places in the world to work. It wasn't easy. Like many startups, we had a limited budget and made some serious sacrifices along the way. Starting a...
  • Anna Morris
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    By Jessie Beck on 04/01/2015
    Today, we're excited to announce our first post in a series of team introductions so you, our readers, can get to know our team a bit better. For this post, we'll be introducing Anna and Mandi, two of our "silo directors". They're each in charge of managing the providers and content for several of...
  • Go Overseas at NAFSA
    By Mallory Meiser on 03/25/2015
    Two weeks ago, Go Overseas announced a partnership with NAFSA to encourage more international educators to become NAFSA members and attend this year's NAFSA Annual Conference and Expo in Boston. The response from our community for the first time attendee discount (GO20) and membership discount (...
  • Company culture at Go Overseas
    By Mallory Meiser on 03/19/2015
    In case you missed it, Go Overseas has recently added a 'values' tab to our about us page, along with a few new faces. Maintaining our passionate, fun, down-to-earth culture as we grow is a challenge, but one we are excited to take on. Working with colleagues who have all lived abroad has given...
  • Going overseas
    By Mallory Meiser on 03/13/2015
    This week, we invited a few of our ambassadors to come together and talk about what it's really like to go overseas. We asked practical questions about choosing a program, living in a new country, and overcoming misconceptions at home. "Hang out" with myself, the Go Overseas Community...
  • Go Overseas Scholarship
    By Anna Morris on 02/25/2015
    For the third year running, Go Overseas is excited to announce that this spring we're -- yet again -- giving away one scholarship to study/intern abroad and one scholarship to volunteer abroad. Over the past years, we've gotten hundreds of submissions from enthusiastic, creative, and intelligent...
  • Go Overseas community
    By Jessie Beck on 02/12/2015
    Since Go Overseas first launched five years ago, we've seen our community grow from a modest few to millions of dedicated Go Overseas enthusiasts. From newbie travelers planning their first study abroad trip, to veteran globe-trotters looking to teach or volunteer abroad, the Go Overseas...
  • Tim Resnik
    By Anis Salvesen on 07/24/2014
    Tim Resnik giving valuable advice during his talk at IPMC 2014. At Go Overseas, we're huge fans of Moz. We read their articles religiously. We watch their Whiteboard Friday videos every week during our company meeting, eagerly soaking up the knowledge imparted by Rand Fishkin, the Wizard of Moz (...