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  • NAFSA Tips
    By Steve Moraco on 05/04/2016
    NAFSA 2015 was my first conference experience. Ever. If you've read anything about first experiences at NAFSA (or had one of your own), you can probably imagine what an overwhelming and intimidating time it was. Somehow, during my very first time at any type conference -- much less a 10,000...
  • 7 Helpful Strategies for Encouraging Alumni to Leave Reviews
    By Anna Morris on 03/24/2016
    It should come as no surprise when I say that reviews are a huge deal at Go Overseas. But as anyone who has ever bought a product, booked a tour, or signed up for a service online knows well, customers don't leave reviews for every single experience or product that they could leave reviews for...
  • Discount for NAFSA Conference
    By Mandi Schmitt on 02/24/2016
    For the second year in a row, Go Overseas has partnered up with NAFSA, a leading conference in international education, to help make attending the conference even easier for professionals in the field. In 2015, the Go Overseas-NAFSA partnership to encourage international educators to attend the...
  • Expert Advice on How to Create Travel Content that Converts
    By Jessie Beck on 02/17/2016
    Every once in awhile, I'll get an email from someone in our industry -- the "meaningful travel" industry, as we like to call it -- asking for tips on starting or improving their blog and content marketing efforts. Even though it's not technically part of my job description, I get really excited...
  • Volunteering with Vietnam
    By Mallory Meiser on 02/03/2016
    Wouldn't it be great to travel the world for a living? Unfortunately, not many of us have that luxury, so we have to use what little vacation time we have to squeeze in an international trip -- if we're lucky. The average American gets 3 weeks off a year (same for the Go Overseas team, with the...
  • Volunteering in Sri Lanka with Greenheart Travel
    By Jessie Beck on 12/29/2015
    Last month, as part of Go Overseas' new paid paid vacation policy, I took a trip with Greenheart Travel to Sri Lanka to volunteer with wild elephants for two weeks. While I was in the middle of a jungle taking field notes and learning about the human-elephant conflict with a local organization...
  • Gap year in Australia
    By Mandi Schmitt on 12/15/2015
    For reasons I just can't understand, Europeans are far more likely to take a gap year than Americans. Rather than blatantly avoiding gap years though, most Americans simply don't know what a gap year is. Unsurprisingly, working holidays -- the secret to doing a gap year with not a lot of money...
  • Before and after shots of Go Overseas team
    By Mallory Meiser on 11/24/2015
    At Go Overseas, we try to do fun, original team activities each quarter. This year we've enjoyed oysters in Tomales Bay and attempted to Escape the Room in downtown San Francisco. For Q3 we decided to add a 36 hour, 200 mile Ragnar Relay to the list. Reflecting back on this experience, it's...
  • Engaging study abroad alumni
    By Anna Morris on 07/30/2015
    Written by Anna Morris and Chrissie Faupel "How do I retain my alumni post-program and keep them engaged long-term?!" This is definitely something us international educators scratch our heads at often -- knowing the importance of tapping into this pool of eager returnees. Bottom line, alumni...
  • NAFSA 2015
    By Jessie Beck on 06/25/2015
    March 2016 update: Looking for the 2016 NAFSA discount codes? As some of our more regular followers already know, Go Overseas recently attended NAFSA 2015's national conference at the end of May. In true Go Overseas style, we didn't just attend -- we put our innovative minds to work and hosted...