Wildlife Rehabilitation - Amazonian Ecuador

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The Amazon is famous for its exotic animal and plant species. However, due its biodiversity, it is also a popular site for animal traffickers who take animals to Europe, United States, or Asia as pets, or for their skin or fur. This Global Nomadic internship in Ecuador will allow you to care for animals, construct enclosures and trails, and participate in rehabilitation and release programs for trafficked and abused Amazonian animals.

This Global Nomadic internship in the Amazon is perfect for those interested in animal rescue. You will be working with animals in the Amazon very closely as the rescue center is located in the rainforest. 80% of animals that are trafficked do not survive. Put this practice to an end with this Amazonian wildlife internship.

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  • Ecuador
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1-2 weeks
2-4 weeks
1-3 months
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Unpaid internship
Work Week: 
20-40 hours
Degree Level: 
High School Diploma

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