Intrax Global Internships in Berlin, Germany
Intrax Global Internships in Berlin, Germany

Spectacular festivals and avant-garde fashion fairs contrast with the enormous number of museums and historic sites that tell Berlin's complex history. As one of Europe's most creative cities with an eye on innovation, Berlin is an exciting place to live and work. German business culture is a fast-paced machine built by master planning, which prizes forward thinking and careful organization.

You will have the chance to gain professional experience with companies in distinguished fields like technology or finance, while making connections with an international group of professionals.

From our intern:
"The best thing about my internship was the nature of the work and the great, versatile, and diverse employees that I got to know. I was lucky enough to pave the way for a project that should have a positive effect on the company." - Wesley, Business Internship

Five reasons to intern with us!

Intern in the capital of Europe's largest and most economically influential country

Gain hands-on professional experience in Berlin and establish international business connections and friendships

Customize your internship depending on your needs

Improve your German language skills

Immerse yourself in Berlin's cultural history and fast paced lifestyle. Don't forget to visit the Berlin Wall!