Projects Abroad offers international law internships for students interested in learning more about various human rights issues in Ghana. Being one of the more stable African countries, Ghana opens the doors for thousands of tourists every year. Interns will work at the Projects Abroad human rights office located in Ghana. Visit the Projects Abroad website for more details on the programs.

Five reasons to intern with us!

The Projects Abroad human rights office in Ghana gives interns the opportunity to not only work with Projects Abroad staff, but also work alongside local lawyers and learn about human rights issues first hand.

This internship program is customizable to fit the needs of various students and interns. Name your start and end dates, and Projects Abroad will work with you to design you ideal internship program.

Interns will likely stay with a host family in Ghana, giving them the opportunity to learn about local culture and customs. Ghanian people are known to be especially friendly, creating an opening environment for you during you stay.

Interning in Ghana also gives you the opportunity to meet international students from around the world and make new friends!

This program is ideal for students interested in the legal field and even those on their gap year. Visit the Projects Abroad website for more information on this internship.