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The Connect-123 internship program in Cape Town offers interns the opportunity to participate in a variety of internships in Cape Town. This is your chance to live and work in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Cape Town! Some popular internship fields in Cape Town include business and entrepreneurship, medical and health care, human rights and social work. Visit the Connect-123 website to find the internship program that fits you best!

Top 5 Reasons to Intern With Us

Tailored placements! Connect-123 will arrange an internship that works with your specific background, skills and interests.

Extensive Network! The internship opportunities available to you in Cape Town are endless, this is your chance to work with top companies and organizations, and boost your resume with an international internship!

Service! Connect-123 makes the process of taking part in an international internship in Cape Town as easy as possible! You will be provided with pre-departure support, in-country support, as well as post internship support.

Flexibility! Connect-123 can provide you with an internship experience that works best for you, whether you're looking for a summer internship in Cape Town, or a longer one, Connect-123 can help you find an internship that works best for you.

Our program deposit is completely refundable! Most organizations require a non-refundable deposit, which they justify by pointing to the amount of work required to put together an internship or volunteer work placement. Connect-123's policy is different - our program fee deposit is 100% refundable up to two weeks after sending you an internship offer.

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  • South AfricaCape Town
Program Length: 
1-3 months
3-6 months
$500 - $2,000 (USD)
Unpaid internship
Internship Types: 
Public Relations
Sustainable Development
Animal Science
Work Week: 
20-40 hours
Participants live independently
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Phone / Skype Interview

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  • Lauren
    Age: 19-24
    San Diego, California
    University of San Diego
    Left My Heart in Cape Town

    My experience with Connect-123 in Cape Town was absolutely amazing and the best 3 months of my entire life. I was terrified going to South Africa by myself and not knowing anyone, but Connect-123 made the transition into life abroad extremely easy and helped me get acclimated into my everyday life in Cape Town. Connect-123 offered lots of awesome events throughout the program that allowed us to see the real culture of South Africa and got us out and about in the city.

    I've traveled quite a bit in other countries around the world and I have to say that other cities pale in comparison to Cape Town. Cape Town is my absolute favorite city in the entire world. The city is beautiful and sits nestled in the mountains and looks out to endless oceans. There is an endless list of fun activities to participate in while in South Africa. You can jump off the world's highest commercial bungee jump, shark cage dive, see exotic animals on a safari, go for incredible, breathtaking hikes and go surfing. It's the perfect place for anyone seeking an adventure.

    On top of all this Cape Town has a fascinating, empowering history, which you cannot escape while living in the country. In addition to all of this, the food is incredible! I'm not kidding when I say I ate the best meals of my life while in Cape Town. Those who say you need to travel to Italy to eat amazing food, obviously have not been to Cape Town. The city is filled with a vast variety of different restaurants and markets that are to die for! My roommates and I basically spent every weekend exploring the Old Biscuit Mill market.

    In terms of my work experience in Cape Town, Connect-123 set me up with the most amazing internship! I loved going to work every day and I felt I gained incredible hands-on experience. My internship was in the exact industry I want to pursue a career in, so it was seriously-spot on! Also, my co-workers in Cape Town basically became my family there. They were fully invested in making sure I was situated and enjoying my time in Cape Town and at work. At the end of my internship, I was offered the opportunity to continue writing for their global website once I headed back home. My internship in Cape Town will without a doubt help me professionally in my future.

    If you are debating whether or not to take advantage of an opportunity of going abroad, I can not stress enough how rewarding and life-changing an experience like this can be. No matter where you want to go, travel opens up many doors and helps you see the world in a different perspective. My experience in Cape Town has definitely opened my eyes and I'm already looking forward to my next adventure, wherever that may be! Take a leap of faith and I promise you, you won't regret it!

    How could this program be improved?

    While Connect-123 did an awesome job of putting on events, some events conflicted with times that most of us in the program worked. I would love to see more opportunities for all members of the program to get together and go out and explore! But I was extremely happy with my program overall! The more you are involved with the program, the more rewarding and happy you'll be with your experience there!

    On Top of the World - Looking out at the city of Cape Town and Table Mountain from the top of Lion's Head!
    Getting to pet a Cheetah on our Garden Route adventure!
    Our adventure to Knysna Elephant Park!
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  • Hugh
    Age: 25-30
    Atlanta, GA
    University of Georgia
    Best Money You Can Spend On Yourself

    The Social Entrepreneurship program with Connect-123 was nothing of what I expected to say the least. The first thing I learned is that you can't guess what the experience is going to be like until you get out there and do it. Learning business in the class room is one thing, but getting into the real world and facing real challenges is another. Through the program's real life experiences coupled with the classroom training, I feel much more prepared to enter the business wold for myself than ever before. The guidance I received along the way gave me the confidence to take on business ventures without fearing being left out in the dark. If you have any interest in going into the business world, I would definitely recommend spending a semester in Cape Town to prepare yourself to face the challenges the world has to throw at you.

    How could this program be improved?

    I would have liked my specific program to have more participants. It was great to have dozens of individuals from Connect-123 all living in the same place together, but I would have liked more people in my specific program.

    Sunset from the Connect-123 apartment building
    Lookout from Table Mountain
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  • Ruth
    Age: 19-24
    Charlotte, North Carolina
    University of North Carolina- Charlotte
    The Ultimate Abroad In Cape Town

    My time in Cape Town with Connect-123 was more than I could have ever asked for. With an easy transition to Cape Town Life, I found a new adventure everyday and it was wonderful having many other interns around to share the experience with. Whether it was hiking, shopping, going on evening outings there was never a shortage or things to do or people to do them with. Connect made it so easy and accessible for me to get comfortable by walking me to work on my first day, setting up evening activities, and being very available and responsive to any questions I had along the way. Overall my Cape Town and Connect-123 experience were both unforgettable and taught me so much about myself and about South Africa. From making friends to learning exactly what I want to do with my perfectly matched internship everything was perfect when it came to my time spent in Cape Town. I can't wait to make it back soon to the Mother City soon and thanks to Connect-123 for making me fall in love with it.

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  • Zahra
    Age: 25-30
    Glendale, California
    University of Southern California
    Best Time of My Life

    Connect 123 left a lasting impression on me, even four years later. I was able to grow professionally, personally and expand my world view, all while having fun at the same time. Gabby Kelly was our coordinator and she helped a lot with our transition.

    Connect 123 provide great programming for the students. I enjoyed going to Robben Island and learning about Nelson Mandela's history there. We also went to a game lounge where our truck got stuck in a sand ditch just a few yards away from a cheetah that killed an ostrich. It was never a dull moment!

    I interned with fashion designer Thulare Monareng to help promote her brand during the 2010 World Cup. I organized events, photo shoots, created communication/publicity plans and was able to learn so much about the South African fashion industry and culture. It inspired me so much that I wrote my graduate thesis on the topic.

    The most challenging, yet rewarding, aspect was meeting students from the Centre of Science and Technology (COSAT) in Khayelitsha. I worked with a student on "Democracy is..." a student journalism program. We walked through various parts of the township where I met many people who lived without running water, electricity and plumbing. I even met a 75-year-old woman who was stabbed while using one of the public restrooms in the township. Knowing that these students lived in these conditions, yet were able to attend such a prestigious school is a testament to their perseverance. It was an eye opening experience.

    Cape Town is a beautiful city filled with the nicest people I've ever met. I know that one day (hopefully soon!) I will return to the Mother City.

    How could this program be improved?

    The Perspectives building was great, but we did have an issue with a water leak in our flat. Other than that the programming was fantastic from what I can recall.

    Me and my roommate at Green Point Stadium for the Italy versus Uruguay World Cup match in 2010.
    Working an event for the fashion designer Thulare Monareng to promote her Tuli Tees World Cup t-shirts.
    Me and a student from COSAT in Khayelitsha working on "Democracy is" , a student journalism program.
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  • Leah
    Age: 25-30
    Omaha, Nebraska
    University of Kentucky
    Public Health in Cape Town

    I worked for the medical research council that was surveying over 12,000 babies and testing them for HIV. I was able to help with collection and instructing individuals on testing. Worked with wonderful people at the University of Western Cape who helped me throughout the way even after leaving Cape Town. My focus had been with HIV epidemiology and the internship fit perfectly. Connect 123 did wonders in trying to find the perfect opportunity for me. I was sad to leave the people I worked with, as well as the friends I made through Connect.

    How could this program be improved?

    Not much that the program could potentially do, but maybe work more with the internship leaders to make sure they are following through on everything they said they would.

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  • Katie
    Age: 19-24
    Iowa City, Iowa United States
    University of Iowa
    I learned a ton about myself.

    My favorite part about my time in Cape town was going on a weekend road trip with 7 friends along the Garden Route. We got to go Bungee jumping on the highest bungee in the world, see the southern most tip of Afrcia, walk with monkeys and drive through some of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. This really solidified my need to travel and explore as much of the world as I can.

    The program I did was an internship in a government hospital. While I got to see a lot of cool things, there is definetly things that need improvement. A lot of the pre-planned events fell through, and we found ourselves with a lot of down time at the hospital, and we felt like we were in the way.

    I learned, that next time I travel, I need to check the weather first. My biggest mistake was not bringing enough warm clothes and too many pairs of shorts. South Africa has opposite seasons as the U.S. Another mistake I made was not listening when they told me not to carry around valuables if you can avoid it. One thing I was good at was always having a map, I was able to explore and find my way back. Also, take advantage of the bus system! Much safer than trains and not that expensive!

    This internship really opened my eyes to what health care looks like in poorer parts of the world. I learned I really want to be a part of helping those not as well off. Going abroad by myself helped me gain a lot of independence and self confidence. I definitely recommend trying some sort of abroad experience.

    How could this program be improved?

    The cost was too much for what it included. Be aware of what you are paying for. In this program, nothing extra was included with the fee. Transportation and food got expensive fast.

    Also, this program could use more scheduled events. I hated when I had downtime, luckily I was good at finding fun things to do.

    Tip of Lion's Head at sunise
    Highest Bungee bridge in the world
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  • Tanya
    Age: 19-24
    Toronto, Canada
    University of Toronto
    Cape Town was one of the greatest experiences of my life!

    Cape Town is a beautiful city with amazing people. I only stayed for a month, but I could've easily stayed for a few more months. The city is very walkable and easy to get around. In terms of safety, be careful when taking valuables out. Try not to flaunt your valuables, and at night, travel in a group and take a cab home. Food is inexpensive and fresh, and the apartment was furnished and cozy. My internship at the hospital was a great learning experience. I got to witness things I would never get the opportunity to in Canada. Making friends and attending social gatherings really contributed to my enjoyment in Cape Town. The night life is incredible and memories are made on every corner. On a side note, if you are staying during the winter, invest in a blanket and portable heater because it can get cold in the apartment. I would recommend this trip to anyone looking to gain some knowledge in their field of interest while making everlasting friends and memories.

    How could this program be improved?

    In terms of my placement, have the organization (in my case, the hospital) be a little more organized concerning what my schedule would be like.

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  • Jude
    Age: 19-24
    Boston, MA
    Northeastern University
    Clinical Psych. Internship

    Accurately putting my time in Cape Town into words is impossible, because however I describe my experience won't do it justice.
    Working at an addictions rehab center was amazing. I wasn't sure if clinical psychology was the right choice for me, so I wanted an experience where I could work with patients in a counseling setting. The four months I spent working at the rehab center not only assured me that counseling is something I want to pursue, but also steered me towards addictions counseling. At work, I often found myself in new and unfamiliar situations, but I was able to grow professionally and learn so much from these experiences.
    Moreover, I was in the most beautiful city in the world, and I got the chance to really live there, rather than experience it in a short few weeks as a tourist on vacation would have.
    This has been a life changing experience, and I would repeat it in a heartbeat. If you have the chance, go for it - it's an experience of a lifetime!

    How could this program be improved?

    Review finances - a bit on the expensive range in terms of program fees and housing.

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  • Reemg
    Age: 19-24
    Memphis, Tennessee
    Rhodes College
    Economic Development in Cape Town

    I am so grateful for the experience I had in Cape Town, South Africa with Connect-123. The time I spent there has absolutely changed the way I look at the world. Connect-123 made sure all the interns were getting the most out of their experiences, starting with making sure all the interns were in a placement with a host organization that would help them grow. Honestly, my favorite part my time abroad was working with my internship because it really complemented my interests and was tailored to my skills set. I spent my time in Cape Town working with a non-profit company with grant-writing and economic development proposals. I also was able to spend a fair amount of time doing field research collecting data in the townships which was extremely eye opening. At the beginning of my time in Cape Town, I thought I would become a Certified Public Accountant after graduation. However after my internship in Cape Town, I am so inspired to continue in the field of economic development that I was exposed to in South Africa.

    I continue to stay in contact with my coworkers and South African friends. I really feel that Connect-123 personalized my entire experience and made sure that I left the country with complete appreciation for the culture and so much that the country as to offer.

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  • Will
    Age: 19-24
    Oakland, CA
    Northeastern University
    My Internship

    I've been lucky enough to travel a great deal in my life, but can honestly say that Cape Town was the first destination abroad where I've ever felt like I never had to leave. It's an absolutely magical city, with fantastic weather, beautiful and friendly people, a wealth of things to do and one of the most fantastic settings that I've ever seen. I was there for six months, and rarely a day went by without going out into the city and exploring a new neighborhood or finding a cool bar or restaurant!

    Additionally, choosing to do an internship in Cape Town through Connect-123 rather than independently vastly opened up my experience of South Africa. First of all, the apartment complex that I lived in, Perspectives, was located smack in the middle of the city center, walking distance from the majority of the city's restaurants, bars, and tourist attractions. Any place I couldn't reach easily by walking was at most a 3-6 dollar cab ride away! Additionally, the group outings that Connect organized both made it extremely easy to make friends from practically the moment I set foot in the city and made visiting the various attractions outside of the city - Garden Route, Cape Point, wine tastings, etc - much easier to plan.

    Finally - and perhaps most importantly - the internship that Connect set me up with was absolutely FANTASTIC! I worked at a social enterprise whose mission was to plant trees in undergreened areas of southern Africa and to incite a more inclusive and popular environmental movement in the region. The organization regularly planted trees in Cape Town schools and organized activations to raise green awareness, such as free yoga on the Sea Point Promenade, giving away seedlings, and riding bikes to promote alternative transportation in a very car-dependent city. My role at the organization was as a social media and communications intern - I ran the Facebook, helped with events management, marketed to various media sources around the city, and performed a variety of other tasks that never failed to keep me busy. Additionally, I accompanied the organization to Livingstone, Zambia - home of Victoria Falls! - to plant 5000 trees in the country more plagued by deforestation than any other in southern Africa. Finally, one of my bosses was one of the most famous musicians in South Africa, so I regularly got to attend concerts for free and help out with selling merchandise and the like.

    Overall, I had an absolutely magical time with Connect-123 and my internship in South Africa, and can't wait to return!

    How could this program be improved?

    I think that the relationship between some of the Connect staff and interns could be a bit formal at times - we're pretty much the same age, and perhaps the overall relationship could be a bit more relaxed, as fun as it was!

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  • sk1991
    Age: 19-24
    Monroe Township, New Jersey
    Rutgers University
    Cape Town 2013

    This is one of the best opportunities I could have ever asked for. My internship was a dream. It allowed me to do what I loved, reconnect with a part of my life that I had let go of, and immerse myself in the local culture. I felt like I lived there with traveling to and from work and walking around. I enjoyed the drinks nights with the interns because everyone has a different experience and it was great to see all of the different perspectives. The highlights of my trips were my internship, going to the a rugby match, and just hanging out in general. I cannot think of a single day in which I was unhappy. I had such an amazing time.

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  • Anon
    Age: 19-24
    Legal internship in Cape Town

    If you're reading this and considering doing an internship with Connect123 in Cape Town...definitely do it! I had an amazing and unforgettable experience in Cape Town, both from a personal and professional perspective.

    I worked at a human rights law firm that specialized in refugee law, constitutional issues, gender violence and land law to name a few areas. Tasks I helped with included client intake and interviews, research, drafting legal documents, negotiations with Government departments and the police, as well as attending court hearings. The team I worked with was supportive, fun and absolutely inspiring. I was given real work and responsibility from literally Day 1! Overall, the work experience I obtained was more than I had hoped for and completely relevant to my future aspirations.

    The team at Connect123 were amazing! Their help before and during my time in Cape Town allowed me to make the most of my internship opportunity. They offered a placement that suited my needs, organized logistics prior to my arrival, prepared great social events, provided support as well as an instant network of friends and activities to take part in.

    Cape Town is a beautiful city and I encourage everyone to visit. There are so many incredible things to do - hiking, beaches, safari and shark-cage diving just to name a few! I met some amazing, fun and incredible people and together we fully immersed ourselves in the beautiful culture and lifestyle of South Africa by trying something new almost everyday. You will not be bored while in Cape Town!

    I strongly recommend the Connect-123 program to anyone who would like to experience more than just an internship. I had an unforgettable international internship experience that opened doors for my professional future and also allowed me to personally grow as a person. As they say: "I came here to change Cape Town, but Cape Town changed me".

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  • Anonymous
    Age: 19-24
    My experience

    My time here in Cape Town was so life changing and incredible. I met so many great new friends and was able to explore such a beautiful and diverse city. On the flip side, you are so overcharged for rent (about $525 for a double!), and the program administration fee. What exactly is the $1495 going to? They help you find your internship which is nice, but you could easily walk two blocks and find several organizations who would love to have you help out and work for free. So essentially you are paying someone to apply for you, to work for free. That fee doesn't include the activities they set up, transportation, the wi-fi or the electricity. Electricity is expensive and to have good wi-fi you pay at least $35 a month. There is no gym upstairs (it is one working bike) and the apartment location is in a sketchy area as well. If you have the means to do so, find a cheaper living alternative and look for an organization yourself. Again, why pay $1495 for them to do it. When you go talk to them about internship problems, they tell you to stick it out because their relationship with the organizations are more important than your happiness and money that you paid to come here. The only good part is you live with other interns through the program...

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    Response from Connect-123

    It's great to hear that your time in Cape Town was so life changing and incredible. In response to your feedback, we agree with you: students who can arrange internships on their own and who would not benefit from advice or being part of a community upon arrival, will of course receive less value from an internship program.

    Regarding housing, all participants can opt to stay with other C123 program participants in our recommended housing, which is in a safe, centrally located building with 24-hour security, or they can opt for any other housing that suits their budget. While we believe we've developed the best housing model for safety and for being able to quickly make great new friends, arranging housing through us is not a requirement.

    Regarding changing internships, since you've posted anonymously, we're of course not certain regarding the full story, however we are certain of this: our mission is to create internship experiences that provide equal value for program participants and the organizations where they work. We care deeply for both our partner organizations in each of our destinations as well as for the screened students who we accept onto our programs. We develop individual internship programs for over 400 students each year, and based on the feedback that we receive from both students and local organizations, we're thrilled that we get it right most of the time. However, these are "real world" experiences and sometimes things don't go as planned. For example, we're less likely to find another internship for students who often missed work, did not show initiative or received extremely negative feedback from their host organizations. We of course look at each situation on a case by case basis.

    We're sorry that the internship experience did not meet your expectations and we wish you the best of luck in the future.

  • Tyler
    Age: 19-24
    Omaha, Nebraska
    University of Wyoming
    Business Development Internship-Cape Town

    I interned with a non-profit organization called Hoops 4 Hope and Soccer 4 Hope for three months in Cape Town. This experience was by far one of the most amazing things I have ever gone through. I worked with young children in the townships surrounding Cape Town providing them with basic life skills, while also providing them with opportunities to learn and play the great game of soccer. Some of my other day to day duties were organizing a 15-year celebration fundraising event for Soccer 4 Hope and also organizing soccer tournaments for the children in the townships.

    Not only did I work for a great organization, but I met some amazing friends along the way. You get to live, travel, and explore with people from all around the world, what more could you ask for? Some of the things I did while I wasn't working included: bungie-jumping, shark cage diving, going on a safari, exploring the wine lands, climbing table mountain, kloofing, and going to some amazing bars/restaurants.

    This was truly an amazing experience and I would recommend it to anyone that wants to have the time of their life.

    How could this program be improved?

    I honestly wouldn't changed anything about the program. I thought it was very well organized and managed. The housing was great, the travel opportunities were awesome, and the company I was placed with was amazing.

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  • alovette
    Age: 19-24
    Michigan State University
    Communications Internship in Cape Town

    Connect-123 provided helpful and friendly guidance throughout my entire two and a half month experience. After a survey of my interests and professional goals, I was placed at small event planning and marketing agency. Helping to ease any nerves, the staff at Connect-123 made sure to accompany me on my first day of work. Each of the Connect-123 staff members shares a genuine concern for the well being of all program participants.

    In addition to advice, Connect-123 also organized social events and weekend trips for participants. These events and trips allow you to truly experience the city of Cape Town and its surrounding area. Cape Town and its residents will always hold a place in my heart. Not only did I gain professional experience, but I gained lifelong friends as well. I will always be thankful that Connect-123 allowed me to have the experience of a lifetime!

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Connect-123 develops and administers internship programs in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Cape Town, South Africa; Shanghai, China; Dublin, Ireland; and Barcelona, Spain. In all countries, internship opportunities are hosted by local companies, non-profit organizations, schools, research institutes and health care clinics. In South Africa, study abroad programs are offered through the University of Cape Town.

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