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For Program Providers/Schools/Recruiters:

Biased activity on Go Overseas by owners, employees, or third-party vendors hired on behalf of the program or organization being reviewed is subject to severe and long-lasting penalties. We strongly recommend that you do not attempt to write your own reviews. Email us if you do not have the login information needed to edit your profile on the site, or if you would like us to create a profile for you. If you would like to discuss past transgressions without being penalized or want to report a concern about a review attached to your listing, please contact us.

Fraudulent conduct by providers may result in the following repercussions:

  • Removal of the program from Go Overseas
  • Demotion of the provider’s ranking on the pages where it is listed
  • Removal of the provider from Go Overseas if conduct warrants it

For Our Users:

Go Overseas takes review fraud very seriously. We dedicate significant time and resources toward ensuring that the content and reviews on Go Overseas reflect the real experiences of real people. If we determine users have submitted fraudulent reviews for a program, there are several consequences:

  • Removal of the review from Go Overseas
  • Suspension of the user from Go Overseas
  • Permanent removal of the user from Go Overseas

We also encourage users to carefully consider the impact of their reviews. The best reviews contain useful information about the program and their personal experience. Personal attacks will not be tolerated. Carefully consider the impact of your review. Most program providers are not large companies and negative reviews may have a significant impact. Direct, fair, honest and detailed reviews help users make more informed decisions and also help providers improve their programs. If you think aspects of your program can be improved, communicate this clearly and directly both in the review, and in personal correspondence with the provider.

Go Overseas reserves the right to determine the validity of reviews left by users to ensure they were an actual participant in the program.

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