Volunteer Abroad Scholarship

Go Overseas Volunteer Abroad Scholarship - Now accepting applications!

Welcome to the 2015 Volunteer Abroad Scholarship!

We know that planning a trip overseas can quickly get costly. In an effort to empower everyone to engage in meaningful travel, we are providing one $500 scholarship to anyone who wants to volunteer abroad! As a further bonus, the lucky winner will automatically qualify to be a Go Overseas Ambassador and will be given opportunities expand on your overseas knowledge and experience.

This year, we want to learn about what inspires and motivates you to fulfill your travel dreams and volunteer abroad. Anyone who is planning on volunteering abroad in 2015 is encouraged to apply. We'll award the money directly to the volunteer organization you have enrolled with (it helps to have been accepted before you apply, but it's not necessary!) The deadline to apply is May 1st.

The application process:

  • Fill out all the fields below.
  • Tell us in one word what motivates you to volunteer abroad.
  • Upload 3 original* photos that creatively portrays the answers to the questions below. (No plagiarism allowed!) Our favorites will be pieced together in a photo collage and featured on our social media outlets!
  • Write a quick summary that describes each photo in the text field.
  • Hit submit, and start planning for an awesome trip overseas!!

All responses will be carefully evaluated by our Volunteer Abroad team. A winner will be announced shortly after the May 1st deadline. Everyone who applied will be notified. Good luck and happy travels!

Need some creative inspiration? Check out our example below!

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volunteer abroad collage example

*Original means that you took the photo yourself OR someone else can take the photo as long as you are in it. Photos can be edited, but keep the photoshopping to a minimum, and don't include text overlay.

About You

Where are you headed?! Country, city...

This will usually be a private company or nonprofit.

Tell Us About Your Decision
Cultural ImmersionGiving BackProfessional DevelopmentPersonal GrowthFun and Adventure!Career BreakAffordable Travel
Why are you volunteering abroad?
School ResourceA Specific Issue/CauseAlumni of the ProgramThe Need for Volunteers AbroadFriends or ClassmatesAn Online Website
What or who inspired you to choose the program you did?
Impact of the ProjectLocationProgram LengthProgram ActivitiesProgram CostLevel of Support
What factors were most important to you?
Online ReviewsProgram Alumni TestimonyProgram StaffFriends/Word of Mouth
What are the most useful resources when picking a program?
Inspire Us!

If you had to pick one word to describe your motivation to volunteer abroad, what would it be? (Psst... we'll tweet or post our favorites on Twitter and Facebook!)

Need some encouragement? Check out our favorite inspirations.

Photo Essay

Please submit three photos that best depict the questions below. Feel free to be creative with how your represent yourself in these pictures. The sky is the limit!

Accepted images need to be 2MB in size or smaller, and use one of the following file extensions: JPG, PNG and GIF.

What organizations, clubs, community projects, activities, etc. are you involved in?

Food, festivals, events, holidays, clothing, heritage, etc.

Perhaps a mentor, book, documentary, trip, current issue, etc.