Volunteer Abroad Scholarship

We're pleased to announce our winner, Kylie Good! She's heading to Zambia this summer to volunteer with IVHQ!

This round, we asked applicants to showcase their overseas motivations via creativity & imagery. We had a ton of great entries! Thanks to everyone who took the time to apply.

How are you involved in your community at home?

Kylie: Dance has always been something inspires me. I have been dancing since I was 3 and it has always allowed me a place to escape to and let out any and all emotions. At home I teach dance to children and I love seeing them grow and be creative with their movement. While in Zambia I plan to dance with the children and help them find the same release that dance has provided me with. It is a language every can understand!

What interests you most about your future host country?

Kylie: The content way of life draws me to Zambia. This photos shows how peaceful the world can be. In Zambia they seem to find a way to be so happy with little nothing materialistic. They are happy to wake up each day and smell the fresh air. That is something that I envy and hope to take back with me.

What inspires you to volunteer abroad?

Kylie: I was lucky enough to attend a multicultural High School where I met the boy in the photo, Nabill. He is from Zambia, and expressed what a need there was for help in his country. He told me when he was young he still remembers volunteers coming and teaching him English. His story is what has motivated me for the past 7 years to want to volunteer.

Stay tuned for the next application round (Fall & Winter 2015) coming in late June!