Study at the University of Otago with Arcadia University

The University of Otago is New Zealand's oldest university. Its establishment in 1869, and the subsequent founding of other schools in Dunedin, has turned the city of 120,000 into a true college town, with 25,000 students calling the city home. The high concentration of students endows the city with more cultural and social events than other cities its size. These attributes make it a very fun place for Arcadia students to study abroad in.

Academically there is little this prestigious school doesn't have. The vast majority of international students live in university-managed flats right off campus. Otago strives to place one Kiwi student in every university flat because those local students are such a great resource for students studying abroad in Dunedin. Arcadia University students studying abroad at the University of Otago will appreciate having a local living in the room next door!