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A hop skip & a jump away from the main hubs of Southern Spain - like Seville, Granada, and Cordoba - Cadiz is nestled on the coast of the Mediterranean, abundant in beaches and, lucky for you, teaching opportunities. The following list of teach abroad programs in Cadiz will surely have at least one option that sounds right for you. The next step is simply to think about what kind of abroad experience you would like to create for yourself.

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Get paid to teach English around the world! Are you: A native English speaker from USA or Canada? Age 20-40? Wanting to get paid to teach English abroad? Looking to take a professional TEFL certification course? A job teaching English...
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The Trinity Certificate in TESOL is a qualification recognised by schools worldwide. Oxford TEFL offers this four-week, 134-hour course in 5 exciting locations: Barcelona, Prague, Kerala (India), London & Cadiz. Our training schools...
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