Local schoolchildren in Colombia

Globalteer is a registered charity in the UK providing ethical and affordable volunteering with the amazing children of Colombia. The Colombia Kids project is based high in the Andes mountain range in the vibrant city of Medellin.

The project includes an outreach programme for the street children, free education and day centres providing a safe retreats from the many temptations of the city.

The children are provided with English classes, lessons in Spanish, arts, music, sports and various vocational training. We support a health programme, psychologist as well as providing all the nutritional needs of the children.

The project focuses on the young and vulnerable to assist them in finding a way out of the trap of poverty and to train them in vocational skills so that they can become contributing members to their families and society.

Day centres - Throughout the city we work with many day centres that provide a safe location for the children to attend classes and enjoy fun activities. The children would otherwise be on the streets and vulnerable to its many temptations and too young to understand the dangers they could encounter. The children are usually from very poor families whose parents work long hours and are unable to care for their children throughout the day. The centres provide food, healthcare, psychological help, as well as trips to the park and soccer lessons. The day centres support children from 2 years to 16 years old.

Volunteers - Assist the local staff, teach English, play sports, art projects, music and play.

Outreach Programme - Local staff go out onto the streets to engage with the many street children that spend their lives begging, juggling and surviving outdoors in the city. The children are offered help in various forms depending upon their needs. The most important thing is that they know support is always available to them and that someone does care. Some continue to live on the streets, some attend the day centres and those who would benefit the most are given the opportunity to go to the farm.

Volunteers - Depending upon Spanish language skills and duration at the project, volunteers can join the local staff on the outreach programme.

Fun excursions - Throughout the year various trips are arranged for the children. The objectives of the excursions are to be fun but more importantly to open the eyes of the children to possibilities in the world and for their future beyond the city streets. The trips include camping, walks and beach trips. Most of the children have never left the city and have no concept of the beauty in the mountains just thirty minutes from their lives. Even more amazing to the children who live in a valley surrounded by mountains is a trip to the beach. For the first time in their lives the children can see long distances across the ocean and maybe there is something out there for them.

Volunteers - Join the children on the trips and see the amazement in the faces as they see things they have never imagined.