Children in Colombia
A volunteer with a student in Colombia

After years of slow economic development and safety concerns, Colombia has emerged as a leading Latin American nation over the past decade. The Colombian economy has seen considerable growth, and development of modern cities. The Humanity Exchange works with a number of local community based organizations working on a number of projects that volunteers can get involved in based on current project needs and skills of the volunteer. Scroll through the programs below to find one that best fits your areas of interest, and visit The Humanity Exchange website for more information.

Current Humanity Exchange Volunteer Programs in Colombia:

  • Newspaper Content Contributor: Conduct research, on-site interviews, review content written in Spanish, and help translate.
  • Copy Editor: Check articles for accuracy prior to publishing
  • Spanish-English Translator: Help translate a variety of documents from Spanish to English.
  • Development Officer for Sustainable Development: Help local staff review projects to ensure environmental sustainability.
  • Organizational and Index Intern in Colombia: Index archives and organize documents relating to fair trade and sustainable mining communities.
  • Fair Trade Gold and Metals Intern: Conduct research and help devise a marketing plan for a local environmentally and socially responsible mining company.
  • Educational and Child Development Assistant for Children with HIV/AIDS: Volunteer and assist children suffering from HIV/AIDS on a variety of educational and extracurricular projects.
  • Capacity Building Internship for HIV/AIDS: Help in childcare as well as administration efforts for a HIV/AIDS orphanage in Colombia.

Visit the Humanity Exchange website to learn more, and register for your volunteer program in Colombia.