Volunteers at a sports game in Ecaudor

Volunteer abroad in Ecuador with Lead-Adventures, dozens of volunteer adventures are available! Experience one of most scenic destinations in South America while giving back to local communities. Lead-Adventures offers volunteer programs all over Ecuador, including the Amazon, Andes, along the Coast, and the Galapagos Islands!

Be more than a tourist.Whether you want to volunteer, teach, or simply have the adventure of a lifetime, Lead-Adventures has a variety of program options that can meet anyone's needs. Great value, local expertise and responsible travel make these programs unique.

Ecuadroian Amazon Rainforest

Amazon Animal Welfare & Resue: This is a unique opportunity to work directly with the Amazon Animal Rescue Center, set up by an animal-loving family in 2006, and the wild animals they care for. The Center works for the protection of amazonian wildlife, one of the most threatened natural resources of the Amazon Rainforest due to habitat destruction, unsustainable hunting and illegal trapping.

Ecuadroian Andes Region

Andes Animal Welfare & Resue: The Andes Lakes region Animal Center for wildlife animal protection is a place entirely dedicated to providing shelter for rescued animals which were victims of illegal trade in the northern region of Ecuador.

Custom Trips

All our programs can also be tailored or customized to fit our participants' needs. We want you to not only visit Ecuador and Galapagos, we want you to truly experience them!

Family Volunteering: Lead Adventures offers the opportunity for you to travel and volunteer together as a family in any of the four amazing regions of Ecuador: Amazon, Andes, Coast and the Galapagos Islands.

Grown Ups: Lead Adventures offers our Grown Up participants and volunteers, those who are 35 years old and older the opportunity to participate in any of the multiple programs we offer with the added comfort that adults seek. You will have the chance to learn about and share your knowledge of biodiversity, environmental conservation, social causes, organic agriculture, animal welfare, and community building.