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Egypt is one of Africa's most well-known countries, even though it's technically part of the Middle East as well. While Egypt has a lot of desert, it's still one of the most highly populated countries, with most people living along the Nile River. It comes as no surprise that Egypt's local communities could use developmental support so find a volunteer opportunity that fits your needs and interests!

  • Average rent for a 1 bedroom apartment in Egypt is $200-300 USD
  • Climate: Unsurprisingly, Egypt is generally hot and dry, since 96% of the land is a desert.
  • Poverty: 20% (2005, World Factbook)
  • Fun Fact: 57% of the population lives in rural areas

Community Development: There are many opportunities to help support community development on different levels in Egypt. Volunteers can focus on fighting poverty, unemployment, and social injustices. Many locals NGOs work to create a society that treats all citizens equally and respectfully. Work with a youth empowerment project or an organization that gives loans to poor entrepreneurs.

Teaching: In the last few decades, the Egyptian government has made a big push for universal education. Public education is free at all levels but Egypt is always in need of more qualified teachers. Volunteers will have the chance to work in schools, after school centers, and more. Use your skills to teach English or a variety of subjects.

Ecotourism: The Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA) has played a major role in establishing protected land areas. Until recent times, there was little thought given to the environmental impacts of tourism in Egypt. Volunteers can help by working outdoors or doing research in national parks and reserves, especially along the Nile River and the Red Sea.

  • NGOs/Volunteer History in Egypt: With almost 100 local NGOs in Egypt, it should be easy to find the right grassroots volunteer opportunity for you. Working directly with one of these NGOs is a great way to ensure that your work is sustainable and beneficial for the local community. However, the politics of NGOs in Egypt can get a little tricky as the process for foreigners to start organizations here is difficult. Many US NGOs have been denied the license to operate in Egypt recently but that doesn't mean you can't find a way to help out the Egyptian community.
  • Best Places to Volunteer in Egypt: Cairo, the capital city, is a great place to see a mix of old and new and marvel at the architecture. Volunteer opportunities in this bustling city are infinite. Alexandria, another great volunteer destination, is located on the Mediterranean and is a great center for art. Many opportunities to work in performing arts or supporting children learning through arts.
Health and Safety of Volunteers in Egypt:

Egypt is generally safe for travelers. There are a few things to be aware of, especially for women traveling alone. For example, men may harass and grab women on the street and tourists are easy targets for scams and pickpocketing, usually in big cities like Cairo. As long as you are aware of your surroundings and belongings, there shouldn't be a problem. Terrorism has been a national concern in the past but generally, tourists will not experience this.

Some basic vaccinations are recommended like hepatitis A and B, typhoid and rabies for those spending a significant amount of time outdoors. Some stomach medicine is also helpful in case of food illnesses. See MD Travel Health for more information.

Why Volunteer in Egypt?

Clearly, Egypt is a country of amazement and history that you will never get tired of. Whether you're interested in history, art and restoring buildings or supporting local development work, there are plenty of ways to give back. Spend your time being immersed in this unique culture while learning about yourself at the same time.

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