Volunteer in Palampur, India with Volunteering Solutions

Become a volunteer in Palampur with Volunteering India! Volunteering Solutions offers a few different volunteer projects in Palampur, located in northern India. Volunteer to teach a variety of subjects, including English, to children ages 6 to 15. For 4-5 hours per day five days per week, you will focus on creative play, conversational English, and assist the local teachers.

Volunteers can also choose to work on childcare projects in school for disabled children. Volunteer activities at the day care centers in Palampur include preparing meals, communicating with parents, assisting staff, playing, and more.

Those interested in childcare can also choose to work with infants and young children in a local day care center. For volunteers with an interest in gaining experience in the dental field, join the dental internship program!

Another volunteer option in this region is a three week summer program or a similar 2 week mini break program. The programs include various community development volunteer projects throughout the week and exciting excursions on the weekends. This is an exciting opportunity to explore the Kangra Valley in Himalayan Mountain Range of India. Visit the Volunteering India website to learn more!