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IVHQ offers highly affordable volunteer programs in Lima, Peru. A wide variety of projects are available, including teaching, childcare and medical work. Depending on placement, volunteers stay either with a host family or at a volunteer house.

Current IVHQ Volunteer Projects in Lima:

  • Teaching English: Fill the high demand for English teachers by volunteering to teach English in Lima.
  • Childcare Work/Special Needs: There is a significant need for volunteers at orphanages and community centers in Lima.
  • Medical: Volunteers provide healthcare services to under-served communities. Some experience is required to participate in this program.
  • Construction/Renovation: Help build homes for underprivileged families, or repair flooring, roofing, and plumbing. Work could also include gardening, painting, or making improvements to community buildings.


  • Volunteer anywhere from 1 to 24 weeks
  • Programs in Peru start on the 1st and 15th of each month
  • IVHQ's program fees in Peru are extremely affordable, starting at just $180/wk
  • Volunteers will either stay with a host-family or a volunteer house depending on placement.
  • Learn more about IVHQ programs by reading the great reviews and interviews IVHQ alumni have left about their incredible experiences in Peru

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Orphan Care
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1-2 weeks
2-4 weeks
1-3 months
3-6 months
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Volunteer House
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  • AlexaHart
    Age: 25-30
    Los Angeles, California
    Had a great time in 2009

    I found IVHQ online a few years ago when I quit my job in 2009 and wanted to volunteer in Peru. The application process was pretty straight-forward, and the value for the money was pretty good.

    The biggest con was that IVHQ didn't inform me that they weren't the volunteer program. They were just the intermediary between me and the volunteer program. Once I arrived in Peru, IVHQ was no longer involved. The Peruvian program affiliated with IVHQ (Maximo Nivel) was who I volunteered with. It's possible they cleared up the confusion between IVHQ and Maximo Nivel since I've been there.

    The volunteer work was really fun and rewarding. I helped paint a battered women's shelter for 3-4 weeks. It got a little repetitive over time, so I changed projects to help take care of kids at a daycare in a rural community for 3-4 weeks after that.

    I stayed in a volunteer house for accommodation and really liked it. The food was great, and staying in the house was a good way to connect with fellow volunteers. For three meals a day and good accommodation, the price was decent.

    Overall, my experience was positive, and I'd recommend IVHQ.

    How could this program be improved?

    I would have liked for IVHQ to give me more info on the volunteer program in Peru before I arrived.

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  • TanyaElizabeth
    Age: 25-30
    Montreal, Canada
    McGill University
    Opportunity of a Lifetime

    Volunteering in Peru is one of the best decisions I've ever made. It very rewarding and IVHQ has several volunteer opportunities to choose from in Peru depending on your strengths and can even do more than one to try different experiences! They also offer Spanish lessons at a reasonable price which was fun and useful. I was able to make lifelong friendships with other volunteers and had the chance to live with a Peruvian family while there, which I would definitely recommend to really immerse yourself in the culture. I would definitely recommend using IVHQ, they are a great organization.

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  • Chris P
    Age: 25-30
    Edmonton, Alberta
    University of British Columbia
    Great experience volunteering abroad for first time!

    I thought the program was organized very well with the staff helping with pre-trip preparation and helping volunteers get accustomed to the city and new culture. My favourite volunteering activity was teaching English and it was rewarding to see so many enthusiastic students willing to learn. The volunteering program is flexible so you can change positions if you choose to do so at the site. Plenty of time to socialize with other volunteers and time to travel to heritage sites. It was a safe experience and the homestay food was great!

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  • Kristine
    Age: 19-24
    California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

    I spent 22 weeks in Peru as a volunteer. Each day had a variety of different experiences. I volunteered in two different orphanages, where I worked with special needs children, toddlers, and older girls. I was able to run activities with the girls and chase the toddlers all in the same day. I taught English in a public school and summer program. Each day was filled with laughter, joy, and love. I never woke up wishing I was elsewhere or wanting to have a day off. Days off from volunteering, were days I longed for my kids at the orphanages or schools. I can honestly say that it was the best weeks of my life. Do it!

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Alumni Interviews

  • Why did you decide to volunteer with IVHQ in Peru?

    Daycare in Peru

    Alexa: When I quit my job in 2009, I wanted to travel somewhere where I could help others and learn some Spanish. My Internet searches for affordable and reputable organizations led me to IVHQ. I liked the choices they offered in terms of different projects, and I also liked that they had a Facebook page, so I could connect with other volunteers. Since I had never traveled solo before, I felt most comfortable going through a known organization.

    Describe your day to day activities as a volunteer in Peru.

    Alexa: I was in Cusco, Peru doing two different volunteer projects. The first project I worked on was helping paint and build a battered women's shelter. I worked about four hours a day with other volunteers and a jovial volunteer leader who spoke almost no English. It was both rewarding and fun to get to meet other volunteers and know I was working on a worthy cause.

    After a few weeks, I decided to switch projects because I wanted to help out in a different way. My second project was taking care of kids at a daycare in a rural community. At the time, these kids didn't have many toys, access to toilets, electricity, or clean water. Even though they didn't speak English, the other volunteers and I played with them (playing is universal) and provided them with snacks.

    What made this experience unique and special?

    Volunteer Painting

    Alexa: Seeing my results at the battered women's shelter, I knew that I was contributing to something that was going to be there for years to come. While volunteering with the kids, I noticed what a hard life they live. There was nothing more rewarding than seeing a kid smile. Over time, the daycare got electricity, toys, and more resources to help take care of the kids. It was wonderful to see the progress the the daycare made in such a short time. Giving back was one of the most meaningful moments of my life.

    How has this experience impacted your future?

    Alexa: Volunteering abroad drastically changed my life personally and professionally. I became fascinated with cultural differences and became more open-minded and open-hearted. Professionally, I decided to continue seeing the world by teaching English in South to small children. If it wasn't for my time in Peru, I might have never ended up teaching English in South Korea. My volunteer experience sparked my desire to keep traveling and helping others.

  • Why did you decide to volunteer with IVHQ in Peru?

    Tanya: I was looking for something exciting yet meaningful to do during my summer break from school. I didn't want to spend another summer just sitting around the pool or working some lame summer job, so my father suggested I look into volunteering so that I could travel with a purpose.

    I did a lot of online research about different organizations but IVHQ stood out as an affordable option with many exciting possibilities around the world. So many of the volunteering organizations were charging way above my student budget, but IVHQ was very reasonable. I chose Peru because the programs they offered really piqued my interest and I loved the option of Spanish classes to improve my communication skills with the Peruvians I was working alongside.

    Tanya visited Machu Picchu in Peru with IVHQ
    Tanya visited Machu Picchu in Peru with IVHQ

    Describe your day to day activities as a volunteer.

    Tanya: I was able to do a few different volunteer activities since I was there for 5 weeks so my daily activities varied which was nice. The schedule was usually quite constant, a few hours in the morning were spent working in the volunteer positions (usually about 9am-12pm), then I would head to the Maximo Nivel building (the company who is partnered with IVHQ in Peru) where I could meet up with new friends to eat a delicious lunch packed by my host mother. I then chose to have a few hours of Spanish lessons but I also had the option of using the time to explore Cusco with other volunteers. Sometimes in the evening there were planned activities such as parties for the volunteers or I would spend time with my host family. On the weekends there were often trips planned for the volunteers which I would definitely recommend!

    Most important was the time spent actually volunteering. I started off working at a hospital where I did my best to entertain and provide basic counseling to patients who may have been feeling sad, frustrated or just downright bored as there were hardly any sources of entertainment at the hospital. I brought games to play with the kids, or coloured or read with them and with the adults I listened as they spoke about their lives or I provided some insight into what life in Canada is like.

    My next endeavor was to work with impoverished children who lived in a very remote area in the mountains. Along with the other volunteers I spent the day teaching the little ones Spanish (numbers, shapes, alphabet) and the older children basic English. We also taught them other important things such as the importance of hygiene (i.e. brushing their teeth and washing their hair and faces) and played sports and games with them to teach them the value of teamwork.

    My third experience was a jungle conservation project where I got to spend a week at a remote jungle lodge planting medicinal gardens, taking inventory of wild animals in the area and forging hiking paths through the Amazon jungle!

    Tanya volunteered in Peru with IVHQ
    Tanya volunteered in Peru with IVHQ

    What made this volunteer experience unique and special?

    Tanya: I feel like I experienced more in 5 weeks than many people experience in a lifetime. I adapted to a new culture and lifestyle very different from my own, I formed ties with other volunteers that are still strong to this day and I had the opportunity to learn that even those who can't afford to donate hundreds of dollars to charity can still make a huge impact in the lives of others. IVHQ really facilitated every step of the process and were extremely organized and professional, making the experience all the more enjoyable.

  • Why did you decide to volunteer with IVHQ in Peru?

    Kristine: I spent a majority of my senior year of college researching various organizations with volunteer programs. The problem I continually faced was the high expenses - that's until I found IVHQ. The program fees for IVHQ were so much more affordable, especially considering I was going for 6 months.

    I loved that IVHQ partnered with non-profits in the country rather than establishing new non-profits. Prior to signing up, the staff was very helpful in answering all my questions, calming any nerves I had, and proving that they were going to be supportive. All those factors combined, led me to signing up to go to Peru. I was seeking a Spanish speaking country and Peru just happened to be one I hadn't traveled to yet.

    Volunteer with IVHQ in Peru and see all of the wonders Peru has to offer!
    Volunteer with IVHQ in Peru and see all of the wonders Peru has to offer!

    Describe your day to day activities as a volunteer.

    Kristine: Most mornings I would wake up at 7:20. I wouldn't bother showering and would just go to breakfast in the dining room. The volunteers all stay in one house (which is at the house of the woman who runs the non-profit). Volunteers would stagger into breakfast all the way up until 8 when we would typically go out the door to our various projects.

    I had three different projects during the week - I wanted to experience it all! Mondays I would go to the orphanage in walking distance of the house. I worked with girls ages 7ish to 13. During their summer we would color, jump rope, make bracelets, play Jenga, sing, and everything in between. After some time with the girls, I spent an hour with toddlers. I would play with them outside (which involved a lot of chasing), help them get ready for lunch and school, and then would help feed them. After lunch, the volunteers would all return to the volunteer house. We would eat lunch together and then have the afternoon free. I took advantage of Spanish lessons the first month I was there. That helped me brush up on my forgotten Spanish grammer. It was nice having Monday afternoons free to explore Lima.

    Tuesday mornings, would start out earlier; leaving by 7:45. The volunteers all would eat breakfast and take a combi to Pachacutec (about an hour outside of Lima). There I taught English at a public school. We spent the morning at the school and occasionally spent the afternoons on a project (i.e. painting a house, mixing cement etc.) I fell in love with Pachacutec and the children there. Tuesday afternoons, the girl volunteers would go to a girls prevention home. We were responsible to teach English but always had additional time to do activities with the girls. The girls were typically adolescents so nail polish, dancing, and bracelets were always a hit.

    Wednesdays I would go to a special needs orphanage in Lima. The toddlers and younger children, some with severe disabilities, would need assistance with feeding and therapy time. I participated in therapy sessions with some of the children and used the time to play with the babies. Thursdays were always the same as Tuesdays and Fridays as Mondays.

    How has this experience helped you grow personally and professionally?

    Kristine: My experience in Peru and with IVHQ changed my life completely. I went down to Peru a recent graduate with a social work degree and found something that excited my soul and consistently made me smile. The culture and country grabbed hold of my heart and almost a year out, I still miss Peru everyday. I am currently in graduate school getting my masters in social work and my experiences in Peru have impacted all my daily interactions. I have a greater sense of what poverty is since I spent weeks in Pachacutec where many don't have running water. As a social worker and as a member of the human race, my compassion and love for others has only grown due to my life experiences in Peru. I can't wait for the next opportunity to travel and see the world. I just want to love others and that's exactly what I was blessed to be able to do through the program.

  • Why did you decide to volunteer with IVHQ in Peru?

    Julia: I chose IVHQ over similar programs, as it was the most affordable (that was a big consideration) and because I was able to connect with former volunteers who had positive things to say about their experiences. I chose Peru, and Cusco specifically, because I wanted to be in a rural setting that was Spanish speaking.

    Volunteer in Peru with IVHQ and work with children
    Volunteer in Peru with IVHQ and work with children

    What made this volunteer experience unique and special?

    Julia: This experience was very special to me. I made really great friends from all over the world (Australia, New Zealand, Canada, etc.), had memorable interactions with locals (staff, teachers, friends), and formed nice relationships with the kids at the community center. I keep in touch with one fifteen year old girl from the center who I helped raise money for English classes. I also spent one week in the Peruvian Amazon, living in the jungle... hiking, planting trees, swimming, and cooking. It was totally wonderful and serene. The living accommodations and the food were wonderful in both places. The staff were friendly and personable and became great resources and familiar faces.

    How has this experience helped you grow personally and professionally?

    Julia: This trip impacted me as it helped me have a better understanding of some global issues, including health and hygiene, water safety, and the need for better health care. I also improved my Spanish skills, which comes in handy when at work in New York City.

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IVHQ (International Volunteer HQ) provides safe, unique, meaningful and extremely affordable volunteer programs in 30 countries around the world, with a constantly expanding base. Programs are available in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, where IVHQ works alongside local NGOs to provide meaningful volunteer opportunities. Currently, IVHQ has programs in Bali, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, South Africa, Morocco, China, Nepal, India, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Victoria Falls, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Laos, the Philippines, Transylvania, Italy and Fiji!

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