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You're needed as a volunteer to teach in rural school classrooms in the Siedlce region, east of Warsaw and at English language camps in the Tatra mountain village of Zakopane - teachers and non-teachers alike are helpful! The primary objectives are to intensify the young students' desire to learn English and to enhance the adults' ability to communicate in English. Summer teams are a fun family Adventure in Service! Volunteers and Polish school students take trips together and play American games.
Occasionally, activities outside of teaching include:

  • After-school tutoring: Mentor and teach disadvantaged elementary students. Tutoring responsibilities include assisting in studying and homework assignments and improving social skills.
  • Special needs assistance: "Caritas" Institute serves adults age 18-50 with physical and mental disabilities. Volunteers lead English cl
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2-4 weeks
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Program fees, based on the GV's costs, include food, accommodations, transportation within projects, project costs, administrative expenses, and support from Global Volunteers staff. The rest of the costs are used to support the continued development of host communities. Discounts are available for

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  • Emily
    Age: 31-50
    Scottsdale, AZ
    The GV Poland Experience Changed My Life

    I volunteered with GV in 1996 in a location near Zakopane which is no longer available. Our group stayed in the small town, with transportation daily out to even smaller communities. The logistics of getting enough community volunteers with cars to help each day was our biggest struggle, because it was a small, rural town. The community embraced us wholeheartedly, turning out nightly for dances, music, and cultural exchanges, and everyone was so appreciative that we were providing opportunities for their children. My biggest praise comes for the Poland program structure and in-country staff/translators who made the experience seamless and allowed us to focus on teaching, learning, and cultural experiences. We had assistance where needed with transportation, money conversion, events, and introductions but were also allowed to experience on our own if desired. I built wonderful friendships which continue today, and gained valuable cultural insights. I considered myself a veteran traveler and had experienced many cultures prior to experiencing Poland, but the quiet fortitude, humility, and graciousness of the Polish people made a lasting impression on me.

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  • Jim
    Age: 51 or older
    Tampa, Fl.
    A Wonderful Program!

    I have been to Poland five different years as a volunteer with Global Volunteers, and I will be returning again this year for 4 weeks. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who may have an interest in volunteering. The students are engaging and eager to learn, and the staff at Reymontowka are fabulous. Can't wait to return later this year to volunteer for 4 weeks.

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  • Steve
    Age: 51 or older
    Hanover, New Hampshire
    Dartmouth College
    Experience living and working with Polish students and teachers

    I have been to Poland twice with Global Volunteers. I spent 2 weeks at the Reymontowka summer camp. I had a great experience. You will have an opportunity to teach English to Polish children and live and work with the Polish students and staff. The staff are great, very supportive I have made numerous friendships. The students are very bright, and much more like American kids than I suspected. To make the most of your time at Reymontowka you should try to spend time with the students and staff outside of the 4 hours teaching English. There are many opportunities for this, whether its riding bikes, playing basketball, or sitting on the porch drinking coffee. Be prepared for a full immersion, up close and personal experience.

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  • Lisa
    Age: 31-50
    Minneapolis, MN
    teaching middle school students English in Zakopane

    What a wonderful opportunity to a part of the world that isn't always the most popular toursit destination. My goal was to visit somewhere not so typical and really see it up close, not just thru a tour guide's lense. My goals' were fulfilled and then some... I was able to help Polish Middle Schoolers improve upon their english speaking skills AND really see a new part of the world, first hand, NOT like a tourist. A bonus... the mountains of southern Poland are gorgeous (put on your hiking boots and try a hike or 2). I would highly recommend this program with Global Volunteers. I went solo and met some fun people of all ages as well. Excellent opportunity.

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  • VirginiaG
    Age: 51 or older
    South Lake Tahoe, CA
    Make lasting friendships and learn lasting lessons.

    We've gone on 3 trips with Global Volunteers to Poland and loved every one of them. The organization of each trip was slightly different and the students were always enthusiastic and wonderful to work with. Getting to know a country and the people this way is the best way to travel. Traveling and making a difference in the lives of many teen agers is so rewarding. And Global Volunteers has such a well organized and thoughtfully structured approach to their group efforts. They don't go into a community telling them what they need - they listen to the community representatives and then help them working together WITH the community - not doing it FOR them And the Global Volunteers trips are enriching for volunteers of all ages, and I look forward to being able to travel with them again.

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  • Lori
    Age: 51 or older
    Saint Paul, MN
    You have a Polish Soul

    I have participated in 15+ Global Volunteer programs in Poland. I've done the language camps for high school students in Zakopane, participated in teaching in the village school programs, and also participated in multiple language camps at the Reymontowka Conference Center near Siedlce. My experience now ranges over a 10 year period and I can see the impact of the English teaching program, as I've seen children move from elementary school to becoming successful university students.

    A typical day is to teach about 4 hours and then have the other half of the work day for preparation for the next day. At the language camps we often are treated to programs by the students in the evening as they share their talents or do a program to acquaint the volunteers with Polish history and culture. Often when teaching the village school programs, one is invited to go along on a field trip with the students to a national park in Poland or a historic site. If one is there on a holiday such as Mother's Day, of course the volunteers are included in the activities the children present for their mothers. When one is at Reymontowka in May, the volunteers can enjoy a cultural festival called Majowka, and often regarded as honored guests by the Polish people.

    The weekends are free time. I've traveled to many other places in Poland during these weekends. The train system in Poland makes it easy to get to Krakow, for example, from either Zakopane or the Reymontowka Conference Center. Warsaw is only an hour away by train from Siedlce, so it easy to go there for the weekend or even just an afternoon.

    I'm often asked if I have Polish ancestry and explain no. That's when one of the Polish teachers with whom I've worked several times interrupted and said, "But you have a Polish soul."

    I've never had difficulties during any of these programs. The only real difficulties I've seen others have are health problems such as a dental emergency. The Global Volunteer team leader is trained to deal with problems such as this and help a volunteer to get needed health or dental care.

    The Polish countryside is beautiful -- this often a surprise to a visitor to the country for the first time. The food is plentiful and excellent. Now in 2012, it is easy to access the Internet to keep in touch with home.

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  • Ginny
    Age: 51 or older
    Oviedo, Florida
    Zakopane, Summer 2009

    The Polish people are absolutely wonderful people. In the two weeks that I spent in Poland, being around them was the best part of this experience. They were so happy to have us there and made us feel so welcome, whether it was at our site in Zakopane or during our free time activities.

    The country is beautiful. We were settled in the foothills of the mountains. The weather was fantastic. I can't leave out the food, which was delicious.

    One weekend, we went to Krakow. It is a beautiful medival city. We toured the salt mines and had a college student take us on a city tour where we saw the actual site of Schindler's List. There is so much to see an do in this country.

    The team I was on worked with high school students. We taught them English. The students are so grateful to have native English speakers work with them over the two weeks. The time they spend in the camp improving their English skills enables them to bring more to a college application/experience. We saw the impact we made over the course of two weeks.

    We also saw the bigger picture. Because Global Volunteers has been coming to Poland for many years, students who acquire English skills are able to get better jobs. This, in turn, has helped improve the economy of the country of Poland.

    Finally, Dorota is fantastic at what she does. She makes sure every volunteer has a positive experience. She was so excited to be able to share her country with us.

    I know the volunteers were able to help the students in so many positive ways. At the same time, the entire Polish experience was good for me in so many ways. I highly recommend this program.

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