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Join one of Volunteering Solutions' many volunteer programs in Thailand! Thailand is a great travel destination full of beautiful landscapes with beaches, delicious food, ancient temples, and a welcoming local population. Volunteer projects are located in Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Surin and Koh Samui, in Thailand. With a large range of projects, volunteers can do anything from elephant conservation to health care work to working with and teaching children in schools and orphanages. Visit the Volunteering Solutions website to learn more!

*Looking for a great summer program? Check out the Volunteering Solutions Thai Summer Volunteer Adventure!

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Service Learning
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2-4 weeks
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  • Kelsey
    Age: 18 or younger
    Thailand Summer Program - One to remember

    In July 2015, myself along with two friends travelled to Thailand to begin our program. At 16 and 17 we were the youngest participants there but this did not affect the bonds we made within our group. In total, our group consisted of fourteen people from all different walks of life, from all over the world and becoming more like a family with these people is definitely one of the main highlights of our time there. Many were traveling alone but by day two you would think we all travelled together.

    Our trip was planned very well. We received information at the start of each day as to what we would be doing and when we would have time to explore ourselves. Immense credit has to be given to our appointed guide and other vol-sol guides that were more than helpful throughout the duration of the experience.

    We decided to set a goal of trying something new each day. This consisted of trying new food -which included scorpions at one point- to trying to learn some of the Thai language and this made each day more interesting.

    I was incredibly pleased with the content of the program. There was a very good balance of volunteering and leisure time. This was important as it was amazing to travel and explore the city and also the rural areas of Thailand, as well as teaching children, working on local projects and living in an elephant village.

    Bangkok was our first and final destination. We were ideally located as the famous Khao San Road was situated less than a minute's walk from our hotel and the markets did not disappoint. The nightlife is also a must. There are misconceptions about Thai nightlife however, personally, I had no worries about venturing out as long as there was a small group of us to ensure safety. It is definitely a unique experience but in the best way. The locals are always more than happy to help and most will try to engage in conversation just out of pure fascination. We also visited temples and learned about the culture of Thailand. We also volunteered at the Wat Pho temple, teaching children some English as well as playing games they came up with.

    After Bangkok we travelled by train to Surin. Trains can be busy and the journey was long (thankfully there was air conditioning), however, this was not a big worry as vol-sol pre-book seats for the volunteers to make the journey as comfortable as possible. - The long journey's are a good time to reflect on the trip so far and I would definitely recommend having a journal of some sort on hand to document the trip as you go -
    Initially in Surin we stayed in the '' hotel which was the most luxurious accommodation of the program. We soon set off to spend 4 days in an elephant village. We stayed in a house and the facilities were basic but nothing was missed. We were fortunate enough to be up close to one of the most beautiful animals. We got to feed, play with and bathe the elephants in the river daily. It is impossible to not become immersed in the culture and fall in love with the sights of Thailand.

    After returning to our hotel in Surin we spent the remainder of our time volunteering at a childcare centre. We played with the children and taught English in the mornings and worked on improving the facilities in the afternoon and returning back to the hotel with plenty of time to explore the city in the evenings.

    We had a free weekend and were given the choice of visiting Cambodia or going to Koh Samet (a beach island). The three of us and three more opted for the island as we were not going on the extended beach week and could not turn down the white sands and clear seas Thailand has to offer. This was very well organised by the vol-sol staff and even though this was our own choice and there was no obligation from the staff to help they went that bit further to ensure our safety. - I would highly recommend the beach weekend if you are not doing the extended beach week- The weekend was fun and full of new experiences that make great memories.

    Back on the mainland we travelled to Khao Yai and trekked through the national park where we encountered a variety of wildlife within the jungle.

    Finally we went back to Bangkok for our final couple of days. Returning to where it all began was a nice touch to end our journey. It definitely made us realise how much we had experienced and how we weren't ready to go home yet. It was sad to depart from our group as we had all grown so close as well as leaving Thailand where the people as so nice, the culture is incredible and the food is authentic and delicious.

    Overall, I would not hesitate to return to Thailand and the vol-sol program was perfect, especially for a first time traveller. I'm so glad I used volunteer solutions for my first trip and I would not hesitate to try another vol-sol program in another destination. The best way to learn about the different cultures of the world is through first hand experience and I cannot recommend travelling new places highly enough.

    How could this program be improved?

    When you know about volunteer solutions it is very easy to find out information about all the programs, however, I feel volunteer solutions need to make the organisation more known especially to first timers who may not know such organisations exist. We were highly impressed by the affordability and value of the program and upon our return home have written about the organisation and the program in our local newspaper and have conducted talks to make young people aware of these programs.

    Bathing the elephants at the river in Surin
    Childcare project in Surin
    Group photo at Khao Yai National Park
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  • Kelly
    Age: 19-24
    Annapolis, Maryland
    The Best Souvenirs are Stories

    The best souvenirs are stories, and this trip definitely left me with many of those. I participated in the Summer program where I got to spend time in Bangkok, work in a childcare center in Surin, and work at an elephant camp. When people ask me about my trip when I got home, I tried not to go on and on about it, so I limited myself to telling about five things.
    1. The friendliness of the locals--during free time one night, our group decided to go out to a local hangout and a few of us got unbelievably lost, we asked a local to take us to the place, knowing that she couldn't understand us. She left her place of work and walked us thirty minutes in the opposite direction so we could reunite with our group. She hugged us and sent us off on our way, all on her own time. People were constantly trying to help us, talk to us, and even take pictures with us.
    2. The elephants are amazing. They really have amazing capabilities and seem almost human. One of the elephants even picked flowers from a tree and handed them out to the girls.
    3. The kids are so sweet. They hated going down for naps, and not getting to play with us when we needed to do clean up work around the child care center. Even though we didn't speak the same language, we still made strong bond with the kids.
    4. On this trip you are never treated like a child. We were given free time to explore and do what we would like to do. One day while working in the elephant camp, after making lunch for everyone, the group decided to walk down to a local park and play a pickup game of soccer with some locals. We played for hours, making friends with the kids on the sidelines and getting shown up due to our lack of skills in soccer. We then walked down to the river and went swimming where the elephants usually bathe. One weekend, we had free and we planned our own trip to Cambodia. We had the free time to bond with one another, experience the real culture, and take advantage of everything the area had to offer.
    5. The staff was always in good spirits. I won't lie, our group caused some trouble, but the staff was extremely helpful. I'm not saying they were always the most organized, and we occasionally felt like we had no idea what was going on, but they would always come through, and they needed to. I had the unique experience of breaking my ankle during the extended beach week. I had to have surgery while I was on the island, and the staff was extremely helpful in getting my things to me, assisting me in finding a good hospital, and making sure I eventually got home ok.

    It's been four months since I've gotten home, and I'm still going to physical therapy and recovering from my ankle surgery. People see me still struggling and ask me all the time if the trip was worth it. I always have to smile, think back at my many experiences and consider all of the great stories I now have to tell.

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  • Rachel
    Age: 19-24
    Seattle, Washington
    Pacific Lutheran University
    Volunteering Solutions Review - Thailand

    When I decided that I wanted to travel to Thailand, I did hours worth of research to find the perfect program. When I found Volunteering Solutions, I realized that they offered trips during my timeline, were affordable, and had a variety of different trip experiences to choose from.

    I decided on the Summer Special, which is 3 weeks of volunteering and traveling throughout Thailand and added an extra "beach week" at the end of my trip.

    I am fortunate to have traveled to many different countries throughout my lifetime with many different programs and I admit, I was a little skeptical about this program at first because I had never met anyone who had traveled through them before. My best friend and I decided to go to Thailand together, just in case things didn't go as planned, so that we could go off and travel on our own if need be.

    I am happy to say that our trip to Thailand was everything we hoped it would be and more.

    We spent time on Khao San Road (the backpackers hub), toured famous temples in Bangkok, and taught students at the Wat Pho Temple. We traveled to Surin by 7 hour train ride, bathed elephants in the river, and cut down sugar cane and palm fronds to feed them. We had the chance to experience Buddhist Lent in Surin, which educated us so much about Thai culture and beliefs. We volunteered at a preschool in Surin where we taught children in the mornings and completed various school improvement projects in the afternoon.

    On a free weekend, many members of our group traveled to Angkor Wat Temples in Cambodia. It was an absolutely breathtaking addition to our trip and our Thai guides helped us plan our excursion so it was both safe and affordable.

    We trekked through Khao Yai National Park where we saw exotic wildlife and were truly immersed in the jungle. For those of us who stayed for the beach extension, we stayed at a beach side resort with private beach bungalows and a private beach and pool. We explored multiple islands during our stay including Koh Phangan, Koh Nang Yuan, and Koh Tao. We hiked, snorkeled, and lounged on the beach. We went to a Black Moon Party where we enjoyed bumping music, neon body paint, and delicious food.

    This trip literally encompassed almost everything that Thailand has to offer. Our Thai guide was extremely knowledgeable about everywhere we traveled and all the experiences we took part in. The trip was very organized and I felt safe at all times.

    Another part of the program that I really enjoyed was that it included volunteers from the US, Canada, and Europe. Having diversity among our travel partners made our exploration of Thailand more fun and always allowed for interesting conversations and opinions. By the end of the trip, we were like family and it was so difficult to leave each other after an entire month of bonding experiences.

    Overall, I would HIGHLY recommend volunteering and traveling through Volunteering Solutions, especially to Thailand on the Summer Special. My best friend and I who traveled together enjoyed the program so much that we are already looking at trips for next year through VolSol.

    If you are questioning whether or not to take the next step of traveling, I say go for it. Educating yourself through travel is one of the best life decisions you could ever make! :)

    How could this program be improved?

    I wish Volunteering Solutions would have recommended backpacking backpacks for traveling to Thailand, as I brought a suitcase and at times it was inconvenient to have to roll around a huge bag rather than having a bag perched on my back! A backpacking backpack would have also limited the amount of stuff I brought with me! :)

    Volunteering with students at Wat Pho Temple in Bangkok, Thailand
    Bonding with elephants in Ban Ta Tit, Surin, Thailand
    Offering food to the monks during Buddhist Lent in Ban Ta Tit, Surin, Thailand
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  • Caroline
    Age: 19-24
    Stillwater, Oklahoma
    Oklahoma State University
    Volunteering Solutions Review

    This was my first time traveling so far away from home by myself. I was really nervous at first but once I arrived I lost my nervous feeling.The other volunteers staying in the house were so inviting and tons of fun to be around. During the first weekend we learned about the Thai culture and went on tours of the city. After that we started our volunteering program (mine was the Children's Home) and it was amazing! I couldn't have picked a better program for myself. The children were so happy to have new people to play with and warmed up to us really quickly. They sang and danced for us and we taught them new games to play. On our free time we were able to do all of the tourist activities you would want to do as well as travel to other cities and see more of Thailand than just Chiang Mai. One afternoon we went to an old quarry that was turned into a lake they called the Grand Canyon. It was the most beautiful place I have ever seen and we spent all afternoon swimming and enjoying the amazing weather. It was an experience of a life time and I would do it all over again if I could!

    One of the kids from the Children's Home
    Craft with the Kids
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  • Louisa
    Age: 19-24
    Middlesbrough, England
    De Montfort University
    Summer Program - The best month of my life!

    I was so nervous about coming because I was by myself and it was my first time travelling so far away. Turns out I had nothing to be nervous about. I had the best month of my life and I feel like I truly found myself. I definitely caught the travelling bug as we were able to do so much as well as volunteering, like touring Bangkok, visiting temple ruins, national park tour and a weekend trip to Cambodia (which was something we did ourselves but all the tour guides encouraged and helped us through the whole thing.) I also loved that we had so much variety volunteering from teaching in Bangkok to childcare in Surin to looking after the most beautiful elephants at the elephant village! I had the best tour guide there ever was. She really took care of us like a mother and she truly became a dear friend. I would 100% reccomend this program, Making dreams come true and meeting and making friends with people all over the world. The best month of my life!

    How could this program be improved?

    There's not much I can think of that could be improved but clothing that was reccomended in the pack wasn't as detailed as it should be...
    You need long pants (which you can buy everywhere but not all of us realised we needed it on the first day) T-shirts that cover the shoulders as well and shorts or skirts that covered the knees or sometimes ankles to visit temples and to work in schools. Also a long sleeved something, as you needed it at the elephant village when working with the sugarcane. Many of us had to go out and buy extra stuff because we didn't realise how important all that was.

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  • Jiné
    Age: 25-30
    The Hague, Netherlands
    Thailand Summer program 2015

    I did the Thailand summer program for one month. It was one of the most rewarding experience one could have. I recommend everyone to join this program or any other program provided by Volunteering Solutions. Thailand was my third time with Volunteering Solutions, so I knew for a 100% sure everything would be perfect and it sure was. When I arrived at the airport I was immediately met with pick-up and given information on what would happen in the coming days. I had probably one the best guides during my stay in Thailand. Our guide was always there for us and made sure we were taken care of.
    What I loved most about the summer program is that they integrate childcare in Surin and Bangkok, plus the elephant village for a week. So you really do get the best of everything. Everyone should volunteer at least once in their lifetime, and I highly recommend they do this through Volunteering Solutions.

    How could this program be improved?

    Ive been with Volunteering Solutions 3 times already (2008, 2010 and 2015) They have improved so much (from programs to even the website), so I'm having a hard time thinking of improvements.

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  • Hussein
    Age: 19-24
    Cairo, Egypt.
    Life-time experience

    I'm Hussein from Egypt I joined last summer the medical volunteering program in Surin, Thailand. At first, before areiving in Thailand I felt nervous because it was my first time to travel all alone and have an internship, however, the minute I arrived I was more than welcomed by the staff and other volunteers. I enjoyed the accomdation with other volunteers to get to know eachother more and enjoyed the volunteering program itself as we used to work in a hospital and gain experience. For me, it was such a great experience because as a dental student I got to do procedures that I've never really practiced in my country, thus it was so beneficial. The staff organized everything for us including tours on weekends like the national park. I enjoyed every single thing in my 2 weeks stay and most importantly I enjoyed getting in contact with volunteers from all around the world. Thai people were amazing and so welcoming. I highly recommend students who stidy medicine, nursing or dentistry to apply for that program because it will enhance your academic level and also will give you the opportunity to make new friends and learn more about new cultures. I believe people have to joing such programs in order to get out of their comfort zones and experience new challanges that will definitely change their lives.

    How could this program be improved?

    I think it can be improved by increasing the volunteering destinations in order to have a wider reach and get everyone from around the world to know about this amazing program.

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  • Quinn
    Age: 19-24
    Missoula, Montana
    University of Montana- Missoula
    Elephant Conservation Surin, Thailand

    I spent a month of my 2015 summer in the elephant conservation village in Surin, Thailand. It was a experience like no other and I highly recommend it to anybody who is willing to work in the heat. Most of the work we did were in one way shape or form in benefit of the elephants, but there were also a lot of communal tasks that I volunteered for, so I can feel as much immersion as possible on my trip. I wanted to feel like a part of the villager. One story in particular that I was honored to be apart of was a ritual to wish all of the bad spirits out of the house for a new family that moved into the neighborhood. This was a spiritual experience like none I have ever experienced before. The ritual took place on the second floor of the house of the new owners and everybody who had a gift for the home owners and their family were invited to take part of the ritual on the second floor. A lady was kind enough to give me her gift to present to the home owners. Once on the second floor the first thing I noticed was a maybe a village monk sitting in the center of the room facing a pillar, on the other side of this pillar was the home owners and their family kneeling facing the monk. Everyone who had a welcoming gift laid them in the center of the room around the owners then went to the sit down so that we created a circle around the monk/priest and the home owners and their family. Once everybody has seated each person received a pile of leaves in which were used to throw at one another about half way through the ritual. Before the ceremony began the monk enclosed the circle with twine that each person held onto with their hands pointed towards the center of the circle. After that the ceremony began. It was about twenty minutes in time total, and about half way through the monk began to throw holy water around the room making sure to wet everyone in the room and reach every corner of the room. Once he began that we started to throw the leaves around the room and yelling in joy, we repeated this cycle about five times. Towards the end of the ceremony the monks wife passed around protection bracelets to everyone in the room in which we tied money to as a donation then created a line to tie to the new owners of the home. And that marked the end of the ceremony. Those who wished to stay, participated in a lunch in the same room with the home owners.

    How could this program be improved?

    I would like to see better organization within the leaders of the project. At one point a didn't get a bus ticket back to Bangkok to catch my plane to Cambodia because of poor communication between the leaders of the program.

    Cutting Yummy Food
    Washing the Elephants
    Making Poo Paper
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  • Leonor
    Age: 19-24
    Lisbon, Portugal
    Great Experience on holidays

    When I went to the water riding one not very big male he started playing with others screaming with his trunk inside the ears of the other just for fun. So all of the sudden I was among many elephants that decided to join to play, all screaming in the ears of each others and spraying water.

    How could this program be improved?

    Better accomodation. It was to hot really and there wasn't mosquito nets in Surin.

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  • Ravin
    Age: 19-24
    London, England
    University of Hertfordshire
    Thailand Summer Program The Best Volunteering Program Out There !

    The Thailand summer program 2015 was honestly the best travel experience I have ever done so far in my life. It had the right balance of volunteering and being able to explore the land of smiles. Compared to other volunteering programs I felt that you got the best of both worlds, being able to volunteer with the awesome elephants and the fun to play with kids, and also being able to explore Thailand on your own. Being as this was my first time doing any volunteering I felt it was perfect because we got to sleep in different types of accommodations, such as hotels and hostels in peoples houses, so you get to have a nice sleep and experience how the Thai people sleep. I was lucky because I came with my best friend, but if you are coming by yourself don't worry cause the tour guides are always there for you and the people that you meet from different parts of the world make you learn so much that you could never have learnt if you stay at home. Everyone is friendly there even the locals. If you go there with a positive attitude then you will love your trip and love the people around you. Don't look at the negatives of a country cause every country has there good and bad points. The food was so nice there as well and the best part is your not forced to eat Thai food, so if you feel like you can't hack their food they have loads of western food places such as McDonalds. (P.S their Burger King is better than the UK's). All in all I loved my experience and hopefully next year I will be do more volunteering work cause I learnt, being stuck at home your eyes are closed to seeing how wonderful the world truly is.

    How could this program be improved?

    Not really Much I can say here apart from I wish would could have stayed longer with the kids. And during our weekend off I think they could have been a little bit more helpful in terms of what hotels to stay at and what to do at the two options the give because you were pretty much by yourself, which wasn't that bad. But other than that nothing else to say.

    The Wonderful group.
    The group with all the Elephants.
    Teach the Kids.
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  • Akua
    Age: 18 or younger
    University of York
    The world is your oyster

    This trip was truly an amazing experience ,one that am I greatful for. In the space of 3 weeks this programme enabled me to do things I could only dream of doing and provided me with the opportunity to meet people from all around the world ,some of who I am proud to call friends for life. Most importantly this trip inspired me to pursue an adventurous life ,one that could be achieved by travelling and exploring the world around me, so thank you VolSol!

    How could this program be improved?

    There was quiet alot of free time in this trip ,which had both its ups and down. I would recommend that volunteers are given more advise and tips on what they could do in their spare time or perhaps provide more group activities for them to do.

    Most volunteering groups bonded very well , with our group however ,it took a longer time to bond well as a group which resulted in there being a lot of separation. This may have been down to the size of our group and so I would recommend there to be a group orientation for the volunteers at the beginning of programme. A session which allows each volunteer to introduce themselves and perhaps share facts about them selves which would allow other group members to know them a bit better.

    I would also suggest that volunteers are given the opportunity to spend more time with the elephants at the elephant camp , as we only got to spend two days with them.

    Also perhaps restructure the proggrame to enable more time to be spent in Bangkok. This is recommendation alot of thev volunteers in my group had wished for.

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  • Ayla
    New Orleans, Louisiana
    University of South Alabama
    I fell in love with Thailand while traveling through Volunteering Solutions!

    The entire trip helped me get the most of my short time in a wonderful country. Volunteering at the elephant camp in Surin is an experience like no other. I will probably never get to have such a real one to one connection with those magnificent animals ever again. No tourist gimmicks can compare. While caring for an elephant of your own by helping gather the food, feeding it, walking it, and bathing it in the river just down the road, you are fully immersed in the life of an elephant caretaker, or as they're called in Thailand, "Mahouts." The first time you ride your elephant into the river is such a surreal moment it won't even feel real at the time. I still look at pictures and can't believe I got the chance to do that!

    How could this program be improved?

    Since we were so close to Cambodia while staying in Surin, a few of us wanted to visit Siem Reap for the weekend. While the guides had sent volunteers across the border before, they seemed very unorganized in telling us what we would need to prepare ourselves for. I think Thailand program itineraries should include a section on explaining the best way to safely travel to Siem Reap and visit the Angkor temples and it would be really great if it provided a check list of what to bring like a Visa photo and your departure card given to you in the Thailand airport.

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  • Debbie
    San Francisco, California
    San Francisco State University
    Childrens' Home Project, Nimit Asia: Thailand

    When I committed to volunteering abroad I knew that I would experience a life transforming journey. I didn't realize how much impact this experience had on me until I had some time to reflect and process it when I returned home. I am grateful.

    How could this program be improved?

    During our assignment logistically we had to take a taxi to and from the children's center. The travel time usually was about 30-45 minutes from the volunteers' accommodations to the children center. I wished we had more time with the children.

    Group photo of the wonderful children at the Children's Home Project, Nimit Asia.
    This little angel, Eilleen, brought so much joy and laughter to my volunteer assignment at the Children's Home Project, Nimit Asia.
    My first kiss from an elephant.  Day trip to Thai Elephant Home.  I had the opportunity to feed, bathe, and ride on an elephant at the sanctuary.
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  • Emily
    Salt Lake City, UT
    Westminster College
    Thailand and the elephants

    I have loved the time I spent in Thailand! Those three weeks have changed my life. I feel so incredibly blessed to be a part of this program and to meet so many amazing people. We worked in an elephant camp, saw plenty of temples, went to countless markets, meet people from around Thailand, and worked with children who love to learn. I would definitely go through this program again just because of the staff. They were so supportive and knowledgeable about Thailand and we're always willing to do whatever it took to make us comfortable.

    How could this program be improved?

    i would have loved if there had been a list of clothes that are recommended to be brought on the trip. It was surprising to us all that we had to wear short sleeves shirts and pants almost the whole trip because it is so warm I did not assume that would be the case. I recommended clothing list and some good things to be packed would be wonderful. Also, clarifying some of the scheduling events and making sure they line up with what happens during the trip. Otherwise, it was awesome!

    The best group ever - Thailand 2015 Summer Program - Elephant and Child Care
    Working with the children at the local preschool!
    Playing with the 3 week old baby elephant at the elephant camp in Surin
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  • Joseanne
    Age: 19-24
    Quebec, canada
    University of Ottawa
    thailand; the land of smiles

    I've just spent the best 4 months of my life in Chiang Mai, Thailand volunteering in a Children's Home and one week at the elephant camp. Every after noon i would go in the mountains, where the children's gome was and spend a few hours hours with them. We did homeworks, we cooked, we played together, we were teaching each other the other one's langage. Basically we just had a blast and loved each other very much. Everyine is lovely and smilingt here and they made me feel like a part of this big and wonderful family.

    How could this program be improved?

    Not a lot actually. Since everything is great. Its just not accessible to everyone who would l because of the cost.

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