Lion conservation program in Zimbabwe
Teaching and education in local communities
Horse and lion volunteering Antelope Park
Wildlife conservation in Zimbabwe
Community and teaching project in Zimbabwe
Teaching and education volunteer abroad
Lion rehabilitation volunteering

Join us in this breathtaking and wild part of Africa on our projects ranging from hands on lion rehabilitation and conservation, medical and community programs, teaching and childcare, and elephant and rhino conservation.

Zimbabwe is Africa's true playground and in more recent years has become a safe and enjoyable tourist destination. Visit our projects in the beautiful Zimbabwe midlands or next door to the majestic Victoria Falls.

The volunteer experiences we offer are based on three key points: 1) volunteers having an amazing time and experiencing everything Zimbabwe has to offer; 2) volunteers learning as much as they can about local history, culture and wildlife and soaking up the essence of our country; and 3) supporting local communities and conservation efforts through education and hands-on help.