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African Impact offers a range of amazing volunteer opportunities in Zimbabwe, one of the adventure capitals of the world. Join us in this breathtaking and wild part of Africa on our projects ranging from hands on lion rehabilitation and conservation, medical volunteer projects, community volunteer work, teaching projects and childcare, as well as elephant and rhino conservation.

Zimbabwe's rough past has left it in need of much community volunteer work, HIV/AIDS volunteer projects and conservation efforts. In more recent years it has become a safe and enjoyable tourist destination packed with adventures to be explored. Visit our projects in beautiful Zimbabwe midlands or next door to the majestic Victoria Falls.

Orphan volunteer projects and sports volunteer projects are other fantastic ways in which a simple smile and a pair of helping hands can change lives as you interact with vulnerable children and provide them with fun opportunities to learn and play.

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  • Zimbabwe
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2-4 weeks
1-3 months
$500 - $2,000 (USD)
$2,000 - $5,000 (USD)
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The volunteer fee for our projects not only covers your accommodation, all meals, transport and resources used while on project; but it also contributes to the development of new projects in communities and areas where help is needed, and gives us the ability to sustain our projects for the long-term. We also offer you 24 hour on the ground support and will collect you from the airport when you arrive!

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  • Trevor
    Age: 51 or older
    Lion Encounter Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe

    Do you want to do something that will live with you forever then become a Lion Encounter volunteer in Zimbabwe at Victoria Falls.If you have a love of big cats and their survival in the wild do this program you wont be disappointed.Firstly I have been a volunteer 4 times now at Vic Falls and if I could I would be there full time I just love it that much and you will too.The lions you work with ranging in ages from as young as 2 to 3 months up to 18 months old and at 18 months old they are big.The program is not just with the lions,you are involved in an educational course that will change your life forever.The different aspects of the program range from learning about Zimbabwe the language the history and most importantly the people that live in this beautiful country to me gods country. The staff that you work with are the most friendly and informative people you'll ever meet in Africa from Katy the volunteer co-ordinator to Lenard who is such a pleasure to be with who also works with co ordinating the volunteers, from the lion handlers to the scouts who are ever searching the bush for any signs of danger, the staff in the kitchen who the best meals everyday. There are heaps of activities that you can do in your leisure time from white water rafting the mighty Zambezi River just below the falls to horse riding, fishing,river cruises,day trips to Botswana or Zambia, these extra activities are at you own cost but again these activities are unique.The other volunteers you meet from all over the world will will your friends forever. .Lastly I have done and seen a lot right across Africa but working with lions has been the icing on the cake i'll be back with my wife next year I wish it was this year, you know the Nike saying JUST DO IT while you can.

    How could this program be improved?

    I would have accommodation for trusted volunteers at Masuwe instead of Adventure Zone in Vic Falls town, this accommodation for people who would like a real feeling of being in the African bush at night, and also when available the National Park Lodges by the Zambezi River, apart from that I think the program is perfect I just love it.

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  • Gregory
    Age: 51 or older
    South Jordan, Utah
    California State University- Fullerton
    It changed my life!!!

    I never wanted to go to Africa. I am 59 years old with 6 children and 14 grandchildren. I always thought I could use my resources to help those in need closer to home, but my youngest daughter wanted to teach in an orphanage in Africa, so I was volunteered by my wife to go with her. I didn't realize until I got there that God was calling me to Africa. WOW!!! First of all, the African Impact staff are wonderful. We worked closely with Norman Moyo in the community project, helping and teaching in the Rose of Charity orphanage, cutting firewood at the old folks home in Chinotimba, pumping water by hand for the community gardens, teaching at the village schools. His love of the people and his commitment to helping them improve their lives was fantastic. He opened my eyes, not only to the great need, but also to the great benefits that can be provided by a volunteer like me, and how the standard of living for the people of the villages can be improved so dramatically by just a few people who really care and have the ability to channel resources to their aid. I will never forget holding the young boy Angle in my arms, and seeing his huge smile as the light of comprehension lit up his face as I taught him mathematics. Playing soccer with young teenagers like So Bright and Nigel, and wondering if a small donation from me could go toward buying soccer shoes for these young men.
    I guess what I'm saying is that I found that the local people who are going out of their way to help their fellow countrymen was the greatest revelation to me. These are people I can trust, and if i choose to send donations to them after I leave Africa, I am confident they will use the resources to help the people with the greatest need.
    One of my concerns before arriving was about our safety, but upon arrival I felt totally safe at all times. The drinking water in Vic Falls is safe due to a purification plant outside of town. While doing our volunteering we were always with knowledgeable staff who kept us safe, and even when we went into town on our own, the people in the city were happy and a delight to be around.
    Learning about and participating in the Lion Encounter project and helping with the other research projects was just an added bonus, and I haven't even mentioned the other volunteers from all over the world. They were amazing - so passionate and dedicated. I was really impressed.
    I am now dedicated to helping African Impact in any way I can. I am working to get donations, and I will be speaking at various organizations to encourage volunteerism with African Impact. As I said above, the experience has changed my life, and I will be connected to Africa for the rest of my life.

    How could this program be improved?

    I would provide more connections to potential volunteers. I would have loved to have spoken to someone from the USA who had been there and been able to learn from their experience, so that I would have been more prepared when I arrived.

    I'd also like to see better lesson planning and student tracking. When we arrived, we were just told to teach them anything. We didn't know what the volunteers had taught them before us, and we had no information about the academic abilities of the various children we were being asked to teach. With student records and lesson plans that can be passed from one volunteer to the next, I believe you would see the students progressing much faster.

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  • Prajwal
    Age: 19-24
    Just one word- Perfect!

    It's been 7 months i'm back from Zimbabwe, looks like i still can't get over it.

    Yes, people thought i was crazy to do this but when i look back i see myself extremely happy with no regrets of listening to others.
    Initially i was a little nervous as i was not sure what and how it's going to be like, after i went there,.. I don't know how heaven looks or feels. But i would tell this was HEAVEN to me. Walking with the lions was a dream come true. Watching them stalk,hunt, their behavioral skills. not just lions i was lucky to work with those 4 elephants too. Shibi being my favorite. Staff extremely friendly. Food was delicious. And the people extremely friendly.

    I just wish to get back as soon as possible.

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  • Jenna
    Age: 25-30
    Queen Mary- University of London
    "You know you are truly alive when you are living among lions"

    Where do I start...the lion rehabilitation programme was amazing and I had the time of my life. I am now officially hooked and am looking forward to arragning my next trip. Being so close to these magnificent creatures is incredible, and you really have to pinch yourself every time. To watch them grow and develop their hunting skills is an honour. And on top of that the staff that work there are incredible - they are friendly, supportive and know their lion facts inside out. Of course the reason that you are there is because of the plight of these king of beasts, not just to stroke and walk them. You are constantly reminded of this and this can only be a good thing, because the more people that know how endangered the lion is, hopefully the more can be done. I dont know what else to say apart from if you want to get involved in a project of great importance, where you get up close to lions and walk in the african bush then go...dont hesitate! I am absolutely sure you will love it.

    How could this program be improved?

    I do not have any negative feedback, loved every second...

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  • Lion
    Age: 51 or older
    Edinburgh, Scotland
    An unforgettable experience

    If, like me, you want to get closer than you would have believed possible to the King of the Jungle while contributing to a programme aiming to reverse the decline in numbers of these magnificent beasts, this is the project for you. I spent an amazing month in the beautiful setting of Antelope Park in April 2012. As a solo traveller I really appreciated being picked up at the airport and having every detail of my transfer to the park taken care of. The accomodation is simple but clean and laundy and three fantastic cooked meals a day are included as well as unlimited tea, coffee water and juice. On day 1, after a full safety briefing, you get to go on your first lion walk and meet one of the sets of lions you'll be working with. Safety of guests and volunteers is taken very seriously and there are always experienced handlers with you when you're working with the animals. The snake induction is particularly useful as we encounterd a number of poisonous snakes around camp and on the walks! The day starts and ends with either a lion walk or herding the 4 lovely elephants to and from their bomas. In between you'll have jobs ranging from food preparation to enclosure cleaning and maintenance or boundary patrol and snare sweeping.There are also plenty of opportunities to interact with the lions in smaller groups during cub sitting and behaviour enrichment. Playing with a 16 month old lion was definitely a highlight for me! If you're there during a full moon be sure to go on a lunar elephant or horse ride and a night encounter, where you watch the older lions (who are retired from walking) hunt for prey is also a great experience. AP has a very successful stage 2 of this 4 stage programme where you can observe a pride that is hunting and breeding with minimal human involvement. The lion volunteer programme operates alongside a community programme so on Saturdays you can visit two of the local orphanages. Spending time with the children is both heart warming and an eye opener. The staff, and particular the guides and handlers, are fantastic and go out of their way to make your stay unforgettable. One of the real testaments of this volunteering experience is the number of people who go back time and time again. I met one woman who was on her 6th trip!

    How could this program be improved?

    If I have one criticism it's that the AP volunteer project is perhaps becoming a victim of its own success. Volunteer numbers are high - there were almost 50 volunteers at one stage during my visit, the majority of these on the lion programme. If there are only 4 walking lions, as there were when I was there, the lion walks can be very busy. If you prefer a higher ratio of lions to volunteers it's worth checking out the Zambia or Victoria Falls programmes where volunteer numbers tend to be lower.

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  • Helene
    Age: 19-24
    Lion Heart

    Do you ever dream of seeing a lion up close? To walk next to the King of the Jungle? To feel its soft fur under your hands as you stroke it? Dream no more, volunteer at Antelope Park with African Impact and your dream will be fulfilled. The experience you will get at Antelope Park will last you a life time. Here,in the summer of 2012, I got to be a part of a crucial program to save the African Lion. And the best part was that you were given proof of the programs success. I saw how the lions evolved in their natural habitat, becoming more and more confident everyday. And this in only 4 weeks time. By the last week, we were running after the lions as they chased Impala, zebra and even giraffes. These are the lions that you as a volunteer will be with everyday. They are only at stage 1 of a 4 stage program to rehabilitate and re-introduce them to the wild. Another proof that made me truly believe that everything African Impact is trying to do for the African Lion really works was when I saw a Kill. As a volunteer you will get the chance to visit Stage 2, the release site where lions who have been thru stage 1 are roaming free in their natural habitat. It was here that we saw the magnificent pride run into the long grass and take down a dukier (small antelope). To see that these lions preformed as lions would in the wild was truly spellbinding and something I will never forget. Other activites include, meat prep and lion feed (one of my many favorites), elephant training, horse safari, cub sit, research, a weekend trip to Victoria Falls and many more. The staff are some of the greatest people I have ever met and they take great care of you and they always make sure that you are safe. I suppose the best part of this volunteer program is that you get so close to the lions to the point where you feel you know them, and would never want to leave them. That is why I am planning my return in 2014, but for now I carry all the lions and my memories of Antelope park in my heart.

    How could this program be improved?

    There is really nothing I would change, and I would have to be really picky to find something to be critical about. So, all I can say is that I wish there was an option where volunteers could stay longer than 4 weeks.

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  • Julie
    Age: 51 or older
    Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom
    Nottingham University
    Lion Project Volunteer

    I visited Antelope Park in September 2012 as a volunteer. I can only give positive feedback from my trip as it was the most educational, exciting and inspiring experience of my life. Being in my 50's I was quite apprehensive initially, I was quite nervous and not sure what to expect. From the moment we landed in Bulawayo the AP team gave us 100% help and support. We were met at the airport and taken straight to AP where we were shown straight to our volunteer accommodation,which was very basic but comfortable. We were then given a full tour of the park. We were given various safety talks, I must say that the team at AP are extremely on the ball when it comes to safety. We were given 3 fabulous meals a day and unlimited tea/coffee/water throughout. A normal day at AP would be to get up about 5.30am working day normally starts about 6.30am depending on what we were doing, I used to love the early morning lion walks, we would then return for breakfast and then going of to work, there are so many different things to do from cleaning up lion poo to elephant training,horse riding, cub sitting (my favorite) behavioral enrichment, elephant herding, border patrol the list just goes on and on. At the end of the day we would enjoy our 3 course evening meal and then time to sit around the fire and catch up with other volunteers. I could write for hours but I don't have the space. All I can say is Antelope Park is an absolutely fabulous place and if you have the chance then you must go to volunteer you will not regret it. From the moment I left AP I knew I had to return, I have already started to save up to return in 2014. Don't forget that the money you pay to volunteer at AP all goes to the rehabilitation project, the African lions need all the help and support that we can give.

    How could this program be improved?

    I cannot think of anything negative, (only that the showers were cold quite a lot). For personally it was an uplifting experience.

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African Impact is a multi-award winning volunteer travel organisation which runs and manages meaningful and responsible volunteer experiences and internship programs throughout Africa. The organisation was founded in 2004 in Zimbabwe, and since then has grown into the Africa leaders in volunteer tourism, having facilitated over 12,000 volunteers and interns in 12 countries across the continent.

We're proud to offer fun, safe and structured placements where volunteers understand their contribution to responsible projects run in partnership with local communities and conservation efforts. Our journey so far has been both inspiring and humbling and we will keep pushing the horizons of what volunteering can achieve.