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Wildlife ACT actively advances wildlife conservation by conducting ongoing & essential monitoring projects on reserves in South Africa. Wildlife ACT performs these conservation services free-of-charge and completely relies on volunteer support to fund the work. We are supported by the WWF and have a very high percentage of returning volunteers - who range anywhere between 18 and 65+. All that is required is a positive attitude and a willingness to make a difference. Those interested are encouraged to visit the Wildlife ACT website to learn more.

Saving Endangered Animals from Extinction

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  • Galen
    Age: 25-30
    Cape Town, South Africa
    Rhodes University
    Totally Inspired!

    If you have been exposed to nature as a child, the awe and wonder of it can be readily reawakened within you as an adult. This is exactly what happened to me when I joined up with Wildlife ACT.

    The WACT staff are some of the most dedicated and inspirational people I have ever met. The first DAY involved seeing rhinos, lions, elephants, buffalo and much more, just meters away from the vehicle. But animal sightings aside, the whole experience was a lot more than that. Being among nature conservationists who speak with such passion, and witnessing how hard they work towards a common cause, fueled me with inspiration and vigour. They are working tirelessly to save our endangered species and natural habitats and deserve all the applause and support they can get.

    How could this program be improved?

    It could be a little bit cheaper for South Africans, but I have since seen that they do offer discounts to locals.

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    The volunteer experience with Wildlife ACT
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  • Sheran
    Age: 51 or older
    Ipswich, England, UK

    I had the most amazing timevolunteering with Wildlife ACT. I spent 8 weeks working in 3 different Game Reserves, each very different in habitat. I found the accommodation comfortable and plenty of hot water for showers! The monitors were so enthusiastic and friendly and keen to share their knowledge to make my stay invaluable and to feel that I could definately make a difference whilst I was there. Maximum of 5 volunteers on each project meant that you could be involved with what was happening and sharing stories and tales over dinner in the evening was very enjoyable. Being out in the bush everyday monitoring the wildlife is fantastic, following the Wild dogs, cheetahs, lions and elephants was magical. If I had to the chance to return I would go back without hesitation and have already been recommending Wildlife ACT to everyone I meet! Can't rate the project, people and the passion they have highly enough! If you're reading this pack your bags you'll have an experience of a lifetime working with incredible wildlife, saving a species, making a difference and of course lots of fun!

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  • Sonja
    Age: 25-30
    Most amazing time!!

    I wasn't quite sure what to expect from the program, but I was pleasantly surprised with how organised and professional the team and the program was.

    We arrived at the meeting point, went to go get our food and supplies before we headed off to the reserve. Once there we had a briefing on the rules and procedures to follow when in the park (for ours and the animal safety).

    Once we arrived at the camp we had a fair amount of time to settle in to the accommodation and then there was another briefing to explain the requirements of the work we'd be doing and how this work would impact on wildlife conservation.

    It was fantastic as we all knew what was expected and what we were going to be doing at all times. On our trips out monitoring for the african painted dogs we made numerous stops to view and observe other animals that crossed our paths. The monitors were always fountains of knowledge and shared all of their amazing adventures in the bush. I am a south african and have had many trips to the bush, but the knowledge I gained in priceless and I will never forget my time at this volunteering program.

    I loved every second I was there and was very sad to have to leave, but love being able to follow what is happening with "our" pack of african wild dogs in the park on facebook.

    I would recommend this to anyone and everyone!

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  • Haley
    Age: 19-24
    North Carolina
    Elon University
    Gain Experience in the Field and Make A Difference!

    I had been to South Africa the previous year during a biology study abroad program and I enjoyed my time there so much that I had to come back! I found Wildlife ACT after much research and finally settled on coming to volunteer with them a year later to gain additional experience in the field, help make a difference, and be able to enjoy the beautiful bush and all the wildlife. It ended up being a great idea and choice for me, even though our days started very early! Depending on which park I was in, I got up between 3:45 and 4:30am. At the beginning it was hard to make myself get up, but after the first few days knowing that we would experience some amazing sights and animals that many people only get to dream about, the "getting up" part got much easier. It was great, because we got to spend the majority of our time out in the field trying to locate animals like the wild dogs in the park and monitor them. Some days it was frustrating if you did not get the chance to see what you were hoping for, but that too was all part of the experience. The parks were not like zoos; the animals govern themselves and are free to roam from one end of the park to the other and in between, as the pack of wild dogs did in my case at Hluhluwe iMfolozi Park. Changing cheetah camera traps, tracking lions, participating in elephant monitoring, and doing administrative duties were additional components to the program, which all made for rich experiences. Ultimately, I really enjoyed my month spent in 2 of the parks and I do feel that I really contributed to the overall goal of wildlife conservation.

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  • David-Malta
    Age: 25-30
    Wildlife Act offers a real unforgettable experience!

    Me and my girlfriend have served as volunteers for 2 weeks in Tembe reserve with wildlife act.
    The experience was fantasic and most of all the real thing!
    The staff are amazing and they do a great job from their heart.
    You should list this experience in your to-do list before you die.
    Thank you wildlife act for this opportunity!

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