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Their Roots: World Endeavors was founded by Tom Peden in 2002. As a college student, he had the opportunity to participate in a short-term service program abroad with his university concert band to Venezuela. He met new people, learned about a new culture, and was, in his words, "blown away" by the new experience.

This trip was the first of many international experiences, as it inspired him to travel around the world and see places that he had only previously imagined. In 2002, feeling unfulfilled with his job as an IT project manager, Peden began to reflect on the value of his first trip to Venezuela. He realized that he wanted to be able to provide this type of eye-opening experience for others. Tom looked at the field of international education and saw a real need for a more personalized and immersive experience that would allow people to go abroad, learn and practice a new language, and make genuine connections with people in the community.