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Meet the Go Overseas Study Abroad Advisors

The Go Overseas Advisors are a group of passionate international educators that are enthusiastic about empowering and inspiring you to get you out of your comfort zone in order to gain life-changing, meaningful experiences overseas.


Kelsey is a Southern California native who has called many places home. After having several life-changing experiences abroad-volunteering in Puriscal, Costa Rica, studying abroad in Madrid, Spain, and teaching in Palencia, Spain- it is now her mission to help others reach their own travel goals and create their own meaningful experiences abroad. Outside of traveling, Kelsey loves to cook, play tennis, and host dinner parties with friends and family.


Nastacia House is from Florida. She majored in economics, studied abroad in Kunming, China and did two internships in Shanghai, China and Washington, DC. She had the opportunity to live, study and/or work in four countries (the US, Jamaica, China and Korea). After four years of teaching English in Korea and personal travels to 35+ countries, she is finally heading back home to transition into the international education field.


Amanda is currently in her third year of teaching English in Daegu, South Korea. In the past, she has worked and traveled in Australia as well as visiting other countries such as Canada, Taiwan, Japan, Germany, and New Zealand. A hopeless animal lover, Amanda enjoys getting lost and discovering a new place as well as spending time with her adopted Korean cat, Jangmi.


Because of several life-changing and amazing international experiences - (Backpacking, camping, and organic farm volunteering through New Zealand, Service-learning community projects and ecotourism participation in Costa Rica, and Ecotourism graduate school in Scotland involving research with international students, to just name a few) it is now Paige's mission to help motivate, encourage, and mentor others to step out of their comfort zones, pursue new experiences, and create their own meaningful and life-changing adventures. Lets get started!!


Christina is a proud Colorado native from the Mile High city of Denver! Her love of study abroad began in college when she spent the spring semester of my junior year in Yamagata, Japan. She also spent 4 years teaching English as part of the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program. If you're interested in studying or working abroad in Asia, don't hesitate to message her!


Lindsay currently lives in New Jersey, right outside of Philadelphia. She studied abroad as an undergrad with Penn State University and actually completed seven weeks of her student teaching practicum on the Gold Coast in Australia. After graduation, she worked abroad teaching English in Italy for a summer through ACLE. Lindsay;s experiences abroad helped break her out of her "bubble" and gain a more global mindset, and she would love to help do the same for you!


Tiera Greene is a Higher Education Master's student whose involvement with study abroad began in Germany, during her junior year of high school, where she first experienced the transformative power of cultural exchange. This initial foray into meaningful travel led her to volunteer as a camp counselor in a fairy tale forest in Russia, immerse herself in an intensive German language course in Germany's "Green City," and participate in a study tour of Spanish and Portuguese universities. It was study abroad that taught her just how strong and capable she truly was, and led her to pursue the study of higher education in order to better understand how cultural exchange fits into a student's college experience.


Chanelle first traveled outside of the U.S. when she studied abroad in Alicante, Spain during college. Studying abroad opened up her world view which ignited a passion for learning more about other countries and cultures. This is why she decided to work abroad in London, England after college and then pursue her Master's degree in Intercultural Relations (focusing on International Education) that included an internship in Melbourne, Australia. She knows that if a small town Iowa girl like her can get out of her comfort zone, anyone can do it!