4 Partner Growth Team Values

Two years ago Go Overseas came up with eight values we wanted to get behind as an organization. In 2016 our growing partner team (who's tasked with supporting you) decided we wanted four of our own. The work we do daily to help you succeed on Go Overseas is informed by these four values.


We’re on a mission to create the biggest and best resource for both providers and participants. We add providers and their programs to the site every day, from every corner of the globe. Over the last six years, we've found ways to do this better: new systems, better communication, partnerships with other organizations and websites. The more complete our site is, the more people we can inspire others to go overseas.


Every partnership begins with us listening carefully to your goals. From there, we’ll work backwards to make sure every aspect of your campaign supports those goals. With our focus on measurable results, we’ll provide ongoing analysis to make sure your campaign is on track to beat expectations. Not a web analytics whiz? That’s OK! We love helping our clients learn to measure and interpret their metrics.


Go Overseas may be a website, but we pride ourselves on being here for you personally. We care immensely about our providers and their programs. What makes your program unique? How does an average day start there? What’s the impact on the participant and the local community?

Our team is passionate because we’ve all been impacted by meaningful travel. Anna, Tucker, Joanna and Isaiah sit seven feet apart and come to work every day ready to help providers like you. We can’t wait to get to know you.


Enlarging our mission means first investing in the larger field of international education. Through fresh ideas, a passionate team, plenty of tenacity, and a heavy dose of optimism, we’re constantly seeking ways to collaborate with fellow organizations and new initiatives.

How do we bring transparency to the field? How can we make these experiences a reality for people more often? Who can we partner with to offer funding? Bottom line: we want to send more people overseas and seek to grow the space in a way that facilitates global citizenship for all.