Best Pinterest Accounts to Fuel your Study Abroad Wanderlust

Cecilia Haynes
Cecilia Haynes

Cecilia has lived in China, India, the U.S., the Philippines, and Turkey. After saving money by working as an English instructor in Hong Kong for a year, she backpacked around the Tibetan Plateau, western China, and northern India.

Best study abroad pinterest accounts

I am a self-professed Pinterest nut. I love the site and the ease with which I can track down all the ridiculously awesome recipes that exist on the interwebs. I also love tracking down all the Pinterest fails. But most of all, I love the travel porn.

There is something so satisfying about scrolling down endless images of gorgeous locales. And even though I end up grimacing at my empty wallet by the end of it, I can at least encourage some healthy wanderlust. So without further ado, feast your eyes on these inspiring Pinterest boards and accounts.

Best Pinterest Accounts for General Study Abroad

study abroad spotlight pinterest
  • Study Abroad Spotlight – Food. International food, specifically. Do not miss that board because it will make your mouth water and you might just end up buying a plane ticket.

  • The Abroad Guide – This is a rocking set of boards filled with country guides, stylish travel ideas, and even one entitled “Badass Student Study Abroad Blogs”. Follow immediately.

  • Academic Programs International (API) Study Abroad – Any account that has “Art Abroad” has my vote. Plus, check out their “Books Abroad” board for some Pinspiration.

  • International Study Abroad (ISA) Study Abroad – I am a huge fan of jumping photos and this account has an entire board dedicated to this most wonderful of creative travel shots. They also have recipes, so what are you waiting for?

  • IES Abroad – If you have the drive to go overseas but no idea where to start, this is a great account to follow. Fashion, accessories, tips, and videos, IES provides a gold mine of information.

Best Pinterest Accounts by Country

France Pinterest
  • “Favorite Spots in Paris” -- A group collaboration, you will not want to miss the board! Experience being swept away in a tidal wave of unadulterated Paris beauty.

  • Travel France Online -- This account gets a bit random at the bottom, but the top is an overview of different areas to visit in France and the views are spectacular.

  • France Travel Tips -- Pinterest's map feature is pretty awesome if you're using Pinterest to fuel some study abroad wanderlust, and particularly so with this France Travel Tips board. It maps out the tips so you can quickly find what's near your study abroad destination!

Italy Pinterest
  • -- You cannot get a more detailed image of Italy than a series of boards by its official tourism bureau. Have you booked your ticket yet?

  • -- If one of the aspects of Italy that draws you the most involves gastronomy, then this is the account for you. I think I can hear your stomach rumbling through the screen.

  • The Travel Tester -- The Travel Tester has a lot of great wanderlust worthy boards, including one about style in Italy that may just inspire you to study Fashion in Italy, perhaps?

Spain pinterest
  • Tourism in Spain – Make sure you are glued to your seat because you will not be able to resist these photos. Start working on that Spanish and do not forget your camera.

  • The Spain Scoop – This great account even has information on Spanish street foods. What more do you want?

China Pinterest
  • Hangzhou, China -- Anything and everything you have ever wanted to know about this region in China. There is even a board on home cooking.

  • Ultimate China Travel Board -- Quite a bit of scrolling to be had on this gorgeous board that features vistas from all around China.

  • China Travel Pictures -- Just so much China prettiness with this board full of travel photos from China.

England Pinterest
  • VisitEngland – How could I not include a Pinterest account that has a Wallace and Gromit board? I guess the other travel photos are not bad either.

  • VisitBritain – Take a risk and check out their board called “Unusual Places to Stay in the UK,” you never know what you might find.

Best Pinterest Accounts for Overall Travel

Go Overseas Pinterest
  • Go Overseas -- Not to be self-serving, but Go Overseas has a ton of boards that are definitely going to induce that desire to head out into the world.

  • Matador Network -- Matador will get you salivating and itching to get away from your computer.

  • Fodor’s Travel -- Fodor’s is one of the hallmarks of travel guides and their Pinterest account definitely displays the best of what they do.

  • Travel Channel -- Trust the Travel Channel to bring out their A game for the best of Pinspiration.

  • Lonely Planet -- Bring in another guide book giant to provide hours of endless awe-inspiring scrolling.

  • BBC Travel -- Any Pinterest account that has a board labeled “Cute-tastic animals” gets a vote from me.

  • G Adventures -- Really take a look at their boards that are themed colors. Pretty fantastic, our dear old Mother Earth.

  • Matt Long -- Founder of Landlopers travel blog, this guy has an intense set of boards that will get those creative travel juices flowing.

  • The Planet D -- The Planet D has an especially comprehensive set of boards that even includes incredible festivals. You will not want to give this account a miss.

  • Condé Nast Traveler -- Condé Nast Traveler has everything you could ever want on an impressive number of countries. If this does not get you going, I do not know what will.

That rounds out my list of some of the top travel Pinterest accounts and boards. If these were not enough for you, head over to the Contributing Editors page and take a look at the talent that we are packing in the Pinterest department. You never know what you'll find! -- Okay, we lied. You'll find our awesome contributing editors and their Pinterest accounts, but it sounds so much better and ominous just to end with "You never know what you'll find!"