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9 J-Term Programs to Sign Up for Now

Valerie Stimac

Valerie was the previous Managing Editor and helped produce all of the amazing articles and guides you see on Go Overseas. She attended grad school abroad in London.

For many students, the winter break is just that: a break from classroom time to see family and friends or maybe even travel. However, if you're looking to amp up your winter break this year, consider applying for a J-Term study abroad program.

Application deadlines for J-Term programs are coming up fast!

You'll get to travel, earn academic credit, and make friends from around the world -- all without missing an entire semester back on your home campus. Application deadlines for J-Term programs are coming up fast, so hold tight for our top picks or head over to the complete list of J-Term programs to find the one that's perfect for you.

1. General Assembly's Winter Break Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

General Assembly has become an increasingly popular way for both students and professionals to improve their skills in coding and business management. The good news? They offer a 10-day winter boot camp for students in four of the most popular start-up cities on the planet.

Whether you choose to head into the heart of summer in Sydney, brave the rains of London, chance snow in New York City, or enjoy some fog in San Francisco, these boot camps will give you skills you can take back to class and beyond. From product prototyping to marketing methods, you'll get a crash course in what it takes to run one of those big tech companies we all keep hearing about.

2. HECUA's Social and Political Transformation Program in Ecuador

If social and political change are important causes to you as a student and global citizen, consider signing up for the HECUA J-Term course in Ecuador this January. Focusing on the variables causing greater inequality in Quito, you'll get a chance to explore how gender inequality, the rights of indigenous people, and natural resource management all play a role in Ecuador.

This program includes the cost of flights from major US cities to Quito and allows you to earn course credit. The faculty comes from the Institute for Ecuadorian studies, but no previous Spanish knowledge is required, so you'll be able to jump right into the important issues from your first day in the program.

3. IPSL's One Health Program in Guatemala

IPSL's J-Term program in Guatemala is a double whammy: you'll receive course credit through immersive classroom time and discussion and also spend a portion each week volunteering in different communities throughout Guatemala during your 3-week course.

Though it may not seem important, food has a powerful role in every aspect of our lives. Focusing on the role of food production and management in public and individual health, students on this J-Term study abroad program have the chance to see firsthand how people in different Guatemalan communities live. You'll learn about the cultural, political, social, and ecological impact of food during this multi-disciplinary learning opportunity.

4. IAU's Traveling Seminars in Europe and Northern Africa

  • Program provider: IAU
  • Where: Europe (Italy, Engalnd, France, and Czech Republic) or Europe / Northern Africa (Morocco, France, Spain, and Turkey)
  • Learn more about the IAU Traveling Seminars.

No need to stay in one place for your J-Term study abroad experience! IAU is offering four Traveling Seminars this coming year, and each one will keep you moving while you learn.

Consider signing up for the Great Cities seminar where you'll visit Rome, Paris, Marseille, Aix-en-Provence, London, and Prague. Or, take on the Europe and the Islamic World seminar that will take you to Paris, Aix-en-Provence, Marseille, Marrakech, Rabat, Casablanca, Seville, Granada, Cordoba, and Istanbul. These seminars are great options for those who want to fulfill both their academic requirements and their wanderlust.

5. The University of Otago's 3-Week Programs in New Zealand

Need a change of scenery this J-Term? Consider heading for a quick summer 'getaway' to the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand. Their three-week programs are offered in a variety of subjects and operate as a traditional study abroad class, credits included!

Whether you're a biology major looking for a bit of sun while you study, or a Tourism and Hospitality student eager to see how things work on the other side of the world, the University of Otago invites you to come study alongside fellow students in beautiful Dunedin.

6. Freie Universität Winter Semester in Berlin

Berlin is a hot spot for travelers and students alike, and if it's calling out to you, a J-Term study abroad program may be an excellent option. The Freie University in Berlin offers a 'Winter Uni' program for the J-Term. Subjects include Business, History, and European studies, and give you the chance to enjoy the brisk European winter.

7. API Study Abroad's Program at Université in Grenoble, France

For students with a knowledge of French and an interest in subjects including Art History, Hospitality, and International Business, the J-Term study abroad program at the Université Grenoble Alpes is a winter wonderland.

Close access to the European Alps, Switzerland, Italy, Monaco, and the Mediterranean coast will give you plenty of extracurricular inspiration, while class time allows you to earn credit and improve your French skills.

8. Winter Internship Placements Throughout China

If you want your J-Term to provide you with more than academic credits, consider signing up for a winter internship placement in China. Depending on your interests, you can find an internship placement that will give you real-world experience in one of the most diverse and fast-growing countries in the world. Some potential placements include Financial Analyst, Hotel Management Trainee, and PR & Marketing Strategist.

Right now, China Internship Placements is even offering a free Entrepreneurial Seminar and discount to Go Overseas students who apply.

9. AIFS's Gap Year Program in the Galápagos Islands

Whether the Galápagos Islands are on your bucket list, or you want to earn academic credits in a quick and immersive course, the AIFS J-Term in Ecuador is a great candidate.

The course is taught in English, but still gives students an opportunity to dive into international culture thanks to homestay accommodation and plenty of extracurriculars. This is a great program for biology, ecology, and earth science students looking to study abroad in the J-Term.