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The Best Destinations to Study Abroad in the Most Popular Majors

Most Popular Destinations to Study Abroad in These Fascinating Subjects

When it comes to choosing a destination for study abroad it can be easy to get caught up in the aesthetics: culture, temperature, and Instagrammable backdrops. And yet, it’s important to remember that a very key aspect of studying abroad will be the actual studying.

Spending a semester or year overseas will give you an unparalleled opportunity to take a deep dive into different subjects than you would be able to at your home university. Better yet, certain fields of study can truly only be studied in locales far away if you are to get a true understanding. So don’t just chase a location -- chase a passion!

Put the "study" back in study abroad and take a peek at these popular destinations to study abroad in a variety of popular majors and subjects.

Where to Study Art History Abroad? Florence, Italy!

Most Popular Destinations to Study Abroad in These Fascinating Subjects: Florence

What better place to study the history of art than in the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance: Florence, Italy. Between the 14th and 17th centuries massive reforms to ways of thinking behind politics, science, philosophy and, of course, art occurred, sending seismic waves of change throughout Europe.

Florence served as a center for these great changes as painters, poets and thinkers gathered in the major city in Central Italy to create change. Students in Florence not only have the opportunity to learn about this important chapter of history at the very site where the events occurred, the city is still filled with many places to take learning to a deeper level. Museums such as the Uffizi Gallery, Galleria dell’Accademia, and Palazzo Vecchio will supplement learning with exhibits, art, and artifacts.

Popular Art History Study Abroad Programs in Florence:

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Where to Study Marine Biology Abroad? Queensland, Australia!

Most Popular Destinations to Study Abroad in These Fascinating Subjects: Queensland

Stretching over 1,400 miles, the Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest coral reef system and a wonder for all who love the sea. For students of Marine Biology, there’s no better place than to study than Queensland, where they can learn within arm’s reach of this natural beauty. As issues of climate change and ocean pollution become ever more prevalent, it’s all the more important for scientists to increase their knowledge of oceans.

Universities throughout Queensland, Australia offer students the ability to study the Great Barrier Reef up-close on excursions and trips into the field. The proximity to the oceans also make for hands-on exploration of a wide variety of Marine Biology topics to mix up traditional classroom learning.

Popular Biology Study Abroad Programs in Queensland, Australia:

Where to Study English Literature Abroad? London, England!

Most Popular Destinations to Study Abroad in These Fascinating Subjects: London

Go to the source by studying English literature in London, the vibrant capital of England and, of course, the birthplace of the English language. From William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, the United Kingdom has long graced the world with priceless works of literature.

Students in London who chose to study these works in their country of origin will have the privilege of their learning supplemented by a great number of sights and museums including the British Library, the Sherlock Holmes Museum, Shakespeare’s Globe and Keats House.

Popular Literature Study Abroad Programs in England:

Where to Study Business Abroad? New Delhi, India!

Most Popular Destinations to Study Abroad in These Fascinating Subjects: New Delhi

In today’s rapidly globalizing economy it is more important than ever for students of business to have a universal perspective on finance and business management. India is one of the world’s greatest emerging economies. Additionally, the large number of factories here make the country an ideal location to learn about logistics, supply chain management and commerce.

Studying abroad in India, especially in a booming major city like New Delhi, will give students great insights that will carry with them throughout their careers as businesses in the United States continue to adapt to the ever-diversifying landscape of global commerce.

Popular Business Study Abroad Programs in India:

Where to Study Foreign Language Abroad? Shanghai, China!

Most Popular Destinations to Study Abroad in These Fascinating Subjects: Shanghai

Speaking of an ever-diversifying global landscape, language abilities are another important skill that many students will find necessary in their future careers. With more than 1 billion speakers on the planet, Mandarin is the most spoken language on the planet, and will only become more and more prevalent of the population of China continues to grow.

Students in Shanghai will have the opportunity to study -- and practice -- the Mandarin language both in the classroom and in the streets as they interact with locals throughout the activities in their daily routine such as riding the metro, grocery shopping or doing laundry. Museums and street signs alike can also provide a fun challenge for language learners to put their skills to the test.

Popular Study Abroad Programs in China:

Where to Study Education Abroad? Helsinki, Finland!

Most Popular Destinations to Study Abroad in These Fascinating Subjects: Helsinki

Scandinavia has some of the best schools in the world, and Helsinki, the capital of Finland, often leads the pack. Schools in Finland are state-of-the-art, in large part to the importance the country places on education and the resources the government devotes to schools. Teachers in Finland also take a more rounded approach to education and look at educating the whole student, not just teaching to tests.

Students of education will have the opportunity to learn about this region’s unique approach to educating youth of all ages. Their time spent abroad will help them become more well-rounded teachers as they look to incorporate knowledge gained in Finland to classrooms throughout the United States.

Popular Study Abroad Programs in Finland:

Where to Study Archeology Abroad? Cusco, Peru!

Most Popular Destinations to Study Abroad in These Fascinating Subjects: Cusco

South America is a top choice for lovers of archeology due to the many prevalent pre-Colombian cultures that called the rich lands here home. Peru, a vibrant country in the North of South America, is home to more than 18 universities where students can study a wide range of topics in both English and Spanish.

The former capital of the Inca Empire, Cusco is one of the top places in the world to study archaeology due to the well-preserved culture and archaeological sites that are found nearby. Students will enjoy the privilege of visiting Machu Picchu, one of the biggest bucket list travel destinations, as well as discover the many lesser-known archaeological sites in the Andes Mountains.

Popular Archaeology Study Abroad Programs in Peru:

Where to Study Public Health Abroad? Cape Town, South Africa!

Most Popular Destinations to Study Abroad in These Fascinating Subjects: Cape Town

With widespread poverty and a lack of resources, much of the African continent struggles with providing access for its citizens to reliable healthcare. Students of public health can be served by studying abroad in Cape Town, South Africa to deeper understand both the issues facing the city and the innovative solutions local community leaders are taking to improve access to health care.

Many programs in South Africa provide students with hands-on learning and fieldwork hours in hospitals where they will be able to take a personal approach to learning while at the same time giving back to their host country. Having real world and practical experience will help students be more experienced professionals when they return home to internships or even future jobs in the healthcare industry.

Popular Public Health Study Abroad Programs in Africa:

Follow Your Passion through Study Abroad

One of the best things about the world is how big and diverse it is! No matter what your passion is in life, chances are you will be able to find a study abroad location that will enhance your study of the topic with learning experiences both in and out of the classroom.

As you make the important decision of where to study abroad, don’t forget to take into consideration just how your chosen location will enhance your learning and further your knowledge.