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9 Great Blogs About Teaching English in Asia

Teach in Asia blogs

So you plan to teach abroad in Asia, but you want all the details. What is it like to live in Japan? How do I get a job in South Korea? Should I get my TEFL certificate to teach in China?

While Go Overseas is an amazing resource for teaching abroad, especially in Asia, sometimes you need that personal touch. What's it like living there? What food will you eat? How easy is it to make friends? That’s where blogs come in.

Wherever you plan to go in Asia, these bloggers will provide valuable information on what it’s really like to teach abroad.

Before I left to teach abroad in China, I poured over every blog I could find online. I wanted to know everything! What is it like to teach in a rural town vs a big city? What are the differences between teaching at an ESL private academy and a public school? What’s the best program to teach abroad on?

To make your job a little bit easier, I've gathered a list of the most useful Asia teach abroad blogs, covering countries like South Korea, Taiwan, China, Japan, and Thailand. Wherever you plan to go in Asia, these bloggers will provide valuable information on what it’s really like to teach abroad.

1. South Korea: Curiosity Travels

Curiosity Travels

The Best of the Curiosity Travels

Curiosity Travels Facebook curiositytrav twitter Curiosity Travel Instagram Curiosity Travel Pinterest

San Diego native Jessica taught abroad both in South Korea and Spain! Jessica is an amazing resource for those who want to teach abroad, alternating between practical posts on how to get a job and personal stories of her struggles living in Korea.

Jessica taught English in South Korea for two full years through the EPIK program. Through teaching abroad she managed to save up $20,000 which she used to pay off her college debt and fund a round the world trip.

Jessica loved teaching abroad so much, after traveling she moved to Madrid to teach with the BEDA program. Now Jessica leads road trip tours around the USA through PEAK Adventure Travel, where she goes to places like Yosemite, the Colorado River, and the Antelope Canyon.

While Jessica isn’t currently teaching abroad, her blog is nonetheless a wealth of knowledge for those who want to teach in Asia.

2. South Korea & Taiwan: Waegook Tom

Waegook Tom

The Best of Waegook Tom:

@Waegook_Tom Waegook Tom Instagram

Waegook Tom, or “foreigner Tom”, started teaching abroad in South Korea in 2009. Originally from a small town in England, Tom initially taught at a Hagwon, or private after-school English academy, in South Korea for two years. Now he’s teaching at an ESL school in Taipei, Taiwan where he lives with his Taiwanese boyfriend and two dogs.

If you’re having trouble deciding between South Korea and Taiwan, Tom does a great job comparing the two destinations for you. From the differences in working culture, to life as an expat, Tom has you covered.

Tom loves to spend his free time exploring the local culture, and will fill you in on everything from Barbie cafes, to cat villages. He’ll always keep you entertained, and he’s extremely honest about what life in Asia is really like.

3. China: Mountains and Passports

Mountains and passports

The Best of Mountains and Passports

BekyC Twitter Mountains and Passports Instagram

Rebekah spent the last year working at an English training school in Sichuan province, teaching English to little kids. She’s a 20-something who loves nature, running, and… oversharing on the internet. Rebekah just finished up her contract teaching in China, and now she’s spending her savings traveling all over the PRC.

Rebekah provides fascinating monthly recaps of her life living and teaching in China, and she’s a great resource if you want to teach in Central China off the beaten path. She constantly jokes that she’s a horrible teacher, but it’s easy to see she loves her students and will do anything to help them learn.

Whether she’s explaining to her coworkers why she doesn’t blow dry her hair in the morning, or joking her students are “baby communists”, Rebekah will always keep you entertained.

4. Japan: Trekking With Becky

Trekking with Becky

The Best of Trekking With Becky

Trekking With Becky Facebook Trekking with Becky Twitter Trekking With Becky Instagram

Originally from Ontario, Canada, Becky has been living in Japan full-time for five years! Becky is half-Japanese and wanted to spend some time exploring her ancestry. She realized the best way would be to get a job teaching English in Japan, and hasn’t looked back since.

Becky is a great resource not only for teaching in Japan, but also for expat life and Japanese travel. While her blog is only a few months old, Becky has made a big impact with her insightful posts about Japanese culture, and expert tips on landing a job in Japan. If you’re at all interested in teaching in Japan, be sure to follow Becky as she embarks on year six!

5. Thailand & Taiwan: My Hot Pink Passport

My Hot Pink Passport

The Best of My Hot Pink Passport:

My Hot Pink Passport Twitter My Hot Pink Passport Instagram

Girly girl and world adventurer Karissa embarks around the globe with her hot pink passport and big pink suitcase. Karissa started teaching abroad right out of college, when she took a job in Bangkok. After a 15-month stint in Southeast Asia, Karissa moved to Taipei where she teaches English to little kids and explores Taiwan with Waegook Tom in her spare time. This August she’ll be moving to Seoul for another year-long adventure!

An expert on expat life and female travel, Karissa is a go-to resource on the realities of life in Asia. If you want to learn more about life outside the classroom, Karissa will entertain you with tales of expat life, beautiful instagrams and in-depth interviews with other fearless females.

6. South Korea: The Hungry Partier

The Hungry Partier

The Best of the Hungry Partier

The Hungry Partier Twitter The Hungry Partier Instagram

Drew is a twenty-something from Arizona, who is obsessed with meeting new people and having amazing experiences all over the world. Fresh out of college, Drew landed a job teaching English at a public school in a rural Korean village near Seoul. He spent a full eighteen months in South Korea, where he spent his spare time learning Korean and Taekwondo.

Drew is an incredible resource for teaching in South Korea. Not only did he create an ULTIMATE Guide to Teaching English in South Korea, he’s also been featured on the Huffington Post, US News, and right here on Go Overseas.

Drew believes in having maximal fun around the world, and stepping out of your comfort zone. He's famous for doing handstands around the world… and eating McDonalds in every country he visits.

7. Thailand & China: Miss Adventure Travel

Miss Adventure Travel

The Best of the Miss Adventure Travel

Miss Adventure Travel Facebook Jessica J Hill Twitter Miss Adventure Travel Pinterest

Fellow (but sadly retired) Go Overseas writer, Jessica Hill spent a glorious 18 months teaching English in both Thailand and China, before founding Teach English ESL. Jessica aims to teach writing at the college level back in America someday, and decided to combine her love of education with a desire to travel the world.

Jessica is a huge wealth of knowledge when it comes to teaching abroad in Asia. She talks about how to get your TEFL certification, overcoming your fears in moving abroad, and how she went from teaching abroad to teaching at Colorado State.

Jessica has taught children from preschool to college age, so whatever the job, Jessica has you covered. Be sure to check out her teach abroad section, for a huge selection of posts and information.

8. South Korea: An American Abroad

An American Abroad

The Best of the An American Abroad

An American Abroad Instagram An American Abroad Pinterest

After graduating college in 2010, Laura spent a few years working and traveling in Australia and New Zealand. Eventually, looking for a bit of a challenge, Laura took a job teaching at an ESL academy in Pyeongtaek, South Korea.

If you want to know what it’s really like to teach at an off the beaten path location in South Korea, Laura is your go-to girl. She’s extremely honest about the realities of teaching English in South Korea, and wants to help you pick the right position before you arrive.

9. China: Adventures Around Asia

Adventures Around Asia

The Best of Adventures Around Asia

Adventures Around Asia Facebook Adventures Around Asia Twitter Adventures Around Asia Instagram Adventures Around Asia Pinterest

Last but not least, as one of Go Overseas resident teach abroad experts, I also spent a year teaching in China full-time! Last year I spent the year teaching English to 1,000 crazy high schoolers in the Chinese countryside through the Alliance for Global Education.

Teaching at a Chinese high school and preparing students for the Gaokao college admissions test is a fascinating experience. I write about trying to give final exams to 1,000 students, crazy culture shock moments with my co-workers, and my personal struggles living in a tiny town as the only foreigner.

Next month I’m moving to Beijing where I’ll work as a college admissions counselor, helping Chinese students with their applications to American universities. If you’re curious about working in education abroad, but you’re tired of standing in front of a blackboard, be sure to look out for my posts on how to make this happen!

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From the bustling cities and sleepy towns, to ESL kindergartens and college classes, the above bloggers are experts on life teaching in Asia. They'll give you advice on life in and out of the classroom, tips on how to get a job, information on how to prepare and inspiration for future endeavors. Many of the bloggers above have even been able to save thousands of dollars to pay off student loans or travel around the world!

Search for teaching jobs abroad and start your adventure!

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