Which U.K. City is Perfect For You to Study Abroad? [Quiz]

Kylie Genter
Topic Expert

Travel junkie, film lover, rap enthusiast, and self-proclaimed wine aficionado, Kylie spent a semester-long program in the fall of 2010 in London, England and traveled to Cuba for a week in March of 2012 as part of a short-term study abroad politics course.

The United Kingdom has been one of the top study abroad destinations and it’s not hard to see why. The UK has given us David Beckham, the Beatles, Dr. Who, Adele, Harry Potter, haggis, the Royal Family, and a pretty fabulous set of Olympics in 2012. It’s amazing how much goodness can be packed onto a few rainy islands floating about in the North Atlantic.

The problem you are now faced with is where to study on those rainy islands floating about in the North Atlantic. Your variety of options may seem more like a curse than a blessing at this point. Should I go to England? Perhaps Cambridge. No, no, I want to go to Scotland. The highlands are calling to me. Wait! I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about Wales and Northern Ireland seem pretty great! Fear not, this simple quiz can help you start narrowing down those options to find the UK program that is just the right fit for you.

1. Of these four options, which is the best description of you?
  1. Chameleon: I can adapt to any situation and I love experiencing all kinds of different things.
  2. Work Hard, Play Hard: I’m a serious student, but not so much that I can’t have fun on the weekends!
  3. Happy in my Own Little World: I like snuggling up to a good read, really getting to know my slice of the world, and meeting up with my friends. I also have this pre-occupation with golf…
  4. Lovable and Yet Misunderstood: Everyone who knows me knows I’m laid back, fun, and perhaps a little different. I may be a little rough around the edges, but doesn’t that make me quirky and cool?
2. Which UK citizen, alive or dead, would you like to meet?
  1. Prince Harry! I was born to be royalty.
  2. J.R.R. Tolkien. An inspiration writer and wonderful thinker.
  3. Alistair Moffat. Current Rector (chancellor) of St. Andrews, former director of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and Director of Programmes at Scottish Television. What a cool dude!
  4. Thomas Andrews. Chief Naval Architect of the RMS Titanic. Hear me out, the man was a genius architect in his time and saved a lot of lives on board by ensuring as many people got into the lifeboats as possible. He even went down with the ship.
3. What do you picture yourself doing on a Friday night in the UK?
  1. So many places! At a pub with a drink, or maybe a concert, a club, who knows? Can’t I do everything?
  2. At a pub discussing an interesting topic I learned about in class or heading out to a great theme party.
  3. Head out to the pub and see what’s going on. I’ll probably see someone I know on the way or see someone at the pub and they can tell me what’s on in town.
  4. Catching some good music or seeing some art. The more unique the better!
4. If you were food, what would you be?
  1. A curry dinner. Spicy, flavorful, delicious.
  2. Traditional English breakfast: egg, sausage, beans, and tomatoes. Can’t go wrong with tradition.
  3. Haggis! Minced sheep hearts, livers, lungs, and other stuff all rolled into one. How is that not intriguing?
  4. Yellow man: a yellow (thus the name) sweet that looks like honeycomb. Sweet and different.
5. When you pop into a pub, what do you like to do?
  1. Is there music? Is there dancing? Is it traditional? Is it trendy? Doesn’t matter, I’ll always have a good time!
  2. Write, theorize, or study. My mental juices always start flowing when I have half a pint in me.
  3. Sit and chat. I like being in a nice cozy place with lots of different kinds of people. Is that golf match on today?
  4. I like to soak up my surroundings and appreciate the awesomeness around me. Every bar’s got something going for it and I like to figure that out with a cold pint in my hand.

Now calculating your super-scientific quiz results....

Mostly As: Your UK City is London! As the vibrant capital of England, it is home to Big Ben, The Clash, tons of museums, and the Royal Family. If you’ve dreamed of seeing the changing of the guard, walking through Westminster Abbey or having a Facebook profile picture with Tower Bridge in the background, this place is for you. The great thing about London is that you can do so many different things there. You can check out a concert in the O2, get delicious curry on Brick Lane, go clubbing in Soho, or wander around the common lands of Hampstead Heath. There’s something for everyone in London. Check out the CAPA London Program.

Mostly Bs: Your UK City is Oxford! Oxford is, of course, most well known for Oxford University, which is comprised of 38 colleges. The university has attracted great minds like J.R.R. Tolkien, Harper Lee, C.S. Lewis, and Rachel Maddow. Oxford is a university rooted in tradition and fierce pride for one’s college. Don’t be surprised how much school spirit the students have there (and make sure you don’t walk on the grass!) Students here study hard, but are also known to throw great parties and enjoy a drink or two at the many pubs in town. So cheer for your college’s crew team, have a pint in The Eagle and Child, wander around the Port Meadows outside of town, think deep thoughts. If Oxford seems like your gig look into the Aspire by API program.

Mostly Cs: Your UK City is St. Andrews! The city of St. Andrews in Scotland is most well known for its famous golf course although it has enjoyed some fame as Will and Kate’s alma mater. Just a short hop from Edinburgh, St. Andrew’s University is known for diversity so you’ll meet plenty of people from around the world during your stay there. As a small town, you’ll soon be able to recognize passersby on the street. After brushing up on your studies you can enjoy the beauty of the Scotland on the Fife Coastal Path or check out St. Andrews Castle. St. Andrews will be a great home away from home for you. Scotland-bound students, be sure to take a look at the USAC Program!

Mostly Ds: Your UK City is Belfast! Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland, and while it previously faced a great deal of adversity during ‘the troubles’ it is now a safe, wonderful city with great study abroad opportunities. Belfast is easy to see on foot so feel free to wonder slowly and really soak up the city. Check out the Falls Road Republican Murals created during the tumult in the 1980s. Wander over to the Titanic Quarter where the infamous RMS Titanic was built. If you take a chance on this sometimes misunderstood, but beautiful city, it won’t let you down. Try the CIEE Peace + Conflict Program or the ISA Belfast Program.

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