Why Learning a Language Abroad is Sexy

Languages are sexy

Originally published on April 2nd, 2014

We all want to be sexy, right? I know I do. But what does it mean to be sexy? Is sexiness something that can be bought at the store like groceries – acquired without work, as impersonal as a telemarketing call? Or is sexiness the kind of the thing that must be earned?

At GoOverseas, nothing turns us on more or gets our motor running like learning a language abroad!

Well at GoOverseas, we think there's nothing sexier than learning a language abroad! Hot, right? I know -- I’ll give you a moment to change clothes and collect yourself. But don’t scoff too loudly, because I’m going to show you exactly why learning a language abroad is drop-dead, stone-cold, knock-out sexy.

1. You'll Be Attractive to Native Speakers of That Language


Before I left for Paris, I told all my friends I was going to meet a nice Parisian girl, fall in love, and never come back. That never happened, but I did talk to way more French girls than my fellow expat buddies. Why? Because I spoke the most French -- I was taking classes at the same time.

So while they were all limited to girls or guys who could also speak English, I was able to fish in pristine virgin waters, so to speak.

Continuing to study your language while abroad enables you to have real, substantive conversations, instead of just information-gathering like “where is the library?” and “what time is it?

If you can talk about music, passion, philosophy, and love, you are far more likely to connect with someone on a meaningful level and have romance result. Sexy!

2. You'll Be the One with the Cute Foreign Accent

Just the act of speaking in their tongue is often sexy to locals. You know how French, British, and Spanish accents are sexy in English? The same applies to the American accent feeling its way through French, Chinese, Portuguese, etc. Not only can you talk about love, but she or he won’t be able to get over the accent you’re saying it in!

3. 97% of the World Finds Multilingualism Sexy

A recent study of dating website determined that a whopping, overwhelming, lust-inducing ninety-seven percent of users find multilingualism sexy.

Learning a language is about more than saying konnichiwa right -- it’s about better preparing you for everything life throws at you, including romance.

And while the Romance languages (a misnomer in this case -- the name stems from their Latin a.k.a. Roman roots, not their ability to inspire romance) top the list of desired lover’s tongues, the same study showed that it did not matter which second language a potential partner spoke. It only mattered that they spoke more than one.

4. Knowing a Foreign Language Shows Desirable Traits

The reasons why so many people want to date someone who knows more than one language are fairly simple: learning a foreign language is tough. It takes dedication and commitment, and requires a level of discipline that the majority of dating prospects do not possess. Discipline, commitment, and dedication are not just useful for learning a language, they're also highly desirable characteristics in a significant other.

Speaking more practically, learning a language abroad makes you more marketable professionally. You have more upward mobility because you can be plugged into the company anywhere in the world they need you, and as the global economy continues to shift and change, you won’t be tethered to your job Stateside. Money is sexy – just watch a rap video. By learning a language abroad, you make yourself a smart long-term bet, and you tell people, “hitch your wagon to me, ‘cause I’m going places!”

5. It Makes You a Better Communicator


By now you have used your language learning abroad to attract and hook yourself a sexy partner who happens to think that hey – you’re pretty darn sexy, too. But how can you make that last into a happy relationship both of you can love-groove on for a long time?

Learning a language abroad – for all of its benefits – is not easy. It requires an ability to adapt to changing circumstances, process lots of complex information, and make critical, informed decisions. It also teaches you to empathize, and to dig around for the true meaning in your words. Basically what I’m getting at is, it makes you a pro at relationships.

Any couple can make it through the Honeymoon phase when you both walk on water and no one ever poops. But if one of you loses your job, or an old ex moves back into town, that marital bliss gets a little harder to maintain.

But remember when you lived in Taiwan and your appendix burst, and you had to give a cabbie directions to the hospital – in Mandarin? Or how about when studied in Madrid and the whole public transit system went on strike the day of your final exam? Learning a language abroad teaches you to be cool under pressure and to think things through, and the tools you learned in that application will help in relationships.

6. It Proves You Can Take What Life Throws at You

Learning a language is about more than saying konnichiwa right -- it’s about better preparing you for everything life throws at you, including romance.

And speaking of marital bliss, people who learn a foreign language get very good at using their tongue and lips in fun new ways! What’s sexier than that?

Let's Make Sure Sexy Doesn't Just Speak English

All of this combines to give you irrefutable proof that learning a language abroad is sexier than a supermodel riding a scooter in a sundress. Between increasing your odds, showing your value, and making love last, language learning is a regular bombshell. It’s about time that being smart and worldly became sexy again, and together, you and I are going to make it happen. Let’s bring sexy back – and let’s make sure it doesn’t just speak English.

Get struttin', find a language school abroad.

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