Which country offers the highest payment for teaching overseas?


There are a lot of components that go in to this answer. It depends on what kind of school you teach in, the age of the students, and what's included in your salary (for example, are meals and housing provided, or do you have to pay for them yourself?) This article is pretty clear about the level of salaries offered compared to the expenses of living in that country. https://www.gooverseas.com/blog/how-much-can-you-earn-teaching-english-abroad

South Korea is known to have some of the highest paying teaching positions. The article Mandi shared gives a great breakdown.

UAE, Saudi Arabia, and South Korea are the highest paying, however the UAE and Saudi Arabia have pretty strict requirements. You can also make a lot of money working in Vietnam and China as well because the costs of living are pretty low.

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International schools are also worth a look -- they often have the best compensation packages, especially for foreign teachers that are native English speakers. My friends that taught at international schools earned salaries well above average for teachers in those countries, and most of them got housing provided as well. The only catch is that you're usually asked to commit to a two-year contract, so make sure you're going somewhere you want to be for more than a few months. There are networks of international schools all around the world, in just about any country that might interest you, so consider taking a look at job openings for international schools, even in countries that don't pay as much on average as places like UAE or South Korea.