Any recommendations for a good, affordable, online TEFL course?

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I know in person is best, but I don't currently have the funds for that.


Hi Lindsayal! This is a great question. Online TEFL courses offer teachers the flexibility to complete their TEFL training on their own schedule from anywhere in the world and you are right, they often cost less than in-class alternatives. What you will need to be wary of, however, is that there is no global body to accredit or govern the standards of TEFL courses. What this means, is anyone can design, price and sell a TEFL course and it is really important to choose an online course that is reputable to ensure it will be recognized internationally. Look for a TEFL course that offers you the best value in terms of cost and international recognition (reputable online course hover around the $1000 mark). To learn more about earning an internationally recognized TEFL certification you can visit The University of Toronto TEFL Online page to learn more about the 100, 120 and 150-hour TEFL certification options, here:

I can't speak from experience -- I was certified in person. There are 50+ online TEFL courses listed on Go, though, and most of them have reviews if that's helpful at all!

Hey Lindsay!
I would recommend MyTEFL. They are one of the most recognized names and have great reviews. Their online course is affordable too! Online is definitely the way to go, it's cheaper and you can do it on your own time. Feel free to let me know if you choose MyTEFL bc I have a discount code for 35% off :)
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Hi Lindsay,

I also recommend MyTEFL. They're a great program and I have a few friends who have gotten their TEFL with them. Just be sure to do the 120 hour course and use the discount code (I have one as well!)

Here's some great information on why a TEFL is useful and how you can get one online, along with a review of MyTEFL…

I would suggest checking out Maximo Nivel. The atmosphere is great, the host families are lovely, and the instructors are phenomenal. They have locations in different countries, and they also have online courses and hybrid programs. Take a peek