Is it better to choose your roommates before or wait till you get there?

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Two of my friends are going, but we aren't sure if its a good idea to room together!


I'd say room with some new people! It's a more organic way to make new friends, and if you don't get along swimmingly, you will have your friends nearby to hang out with anyway.

Hey Bianca,
I have to agree with Corina, it's great that you have friends you can enjoy this experience with, but studying abroad is an awesome opportunity to challenge yourself socially and meet new people! Rooming with your friends may increase your likelihood of staying in your comfort zone, and they'll always be close by if you need them. Good luck, you're in for a great time!

What Corina and Colin said. Rooming with randoms is a great way to connect about why they are there and it will really push you to meet locals too.

I agree. Also if all of you room with new people it will increase your friend circle and give you more opportunities to have friends from all over the world. The more the merrier!