How do I narrow down internships that include a TEFL certification for free?

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Hello! I'm interested in the homestay/internship opportunities to travel without long-term commitments. But I would like to find an internship that provides the TEFL certification for free as part of the internship. How do I narrow the options on the Gooverseas website without looking through each one?


Hi Heather! Thanks for your question.

Unfortunately, our program filtering doesn't allow for sorting out internships with TEFL certification for free at the moment -- this is a great suggestion though, and I've passed it along to our dev / UX team.

Hi Heather,

Hi Amanda,

My Name is Melvin from Teaching Position:

Teaching Experience have been working in the industry for 1 years, they guarantee a legitimate teaching job abroad before you leave your home country. A working visa is processed while you work at your current position and you can quite easily jet-set off to your new teaching career abroad without any teaching or related work experience.

Teaching Internship Program:

The Benefits
Earn a living allowance of 5000 RMB monthly
Airport pick up
Free accommodation throughout placement (Tenant pays utilities)
Visa sponsorship (Business Visa)
Orientation on arrival
Welcome lunch or dinner
Immersion into the Chinese culture
2 hours free Mandarin lessons
Share experience and culture with Chinese students.
TEFL Certificate not required to join (Must be willing to study for TEFL while in China.)
Flight stipend 3000 RMB after 6 months teaching contract, 6000 RMB after 12 months teaching contract.
24 hours 7 days a week help and support (Office open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday also)

For more information please visit our homepage: