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For the fourth year in a row, Go Overseas has partnered up with NAFSA, a leading conference in international education, to help make attending the conference even easier for professionals in the field.
Each year, we send members of the Go Overseas team out to explore the world with our partners. This year, we've got a new system, new destinations, and hopefully, you'll want to join us on our adventures!
For 2018, we asked the whole team to contribute travel and office resolutions to help make our office -- and the world -- a better place. Here's what everyone agreed to try and accomplish in the coming year!
In December 2017, we took a team retreat in South Lake Tahoe. Learn more about Go Overseas' team, the activities and team-building events we worked on, and our goals for 2018.
As the culmination of our week of stories about travel and peace, learn more about why we care about this topic so much on the team at Go Overseas.
If you help provide meaningful travel experiences to students, teachers, and volunteers around the world, you have a unique ability to help cultivate peace through the programs you offer.
Curious why we think New Zealand is one of the best destinations to study abroad? We'll give you one great reason -- our 2017 New Zealand Study Abroad Scholarship! Read more about this year's giveaway...
When Natalie began writing for us at Go Overseas five years ago, she had no idea how much she would experience. Hear her share lessons she learned from her time as one of our longest contributors.
The NAFSA 2017 Annual Expo & Conference is coming up in a few weeks. Learn how NAFSA is guiding the International Education industry and community through this annual event.
The NAFSA 2017 Annual Conference & Expo is fast approaching. We worked with NAFSA to create this handy resource guide about the types of people and companies that attend the annual event, and how NAFSA can help your company and career.

Learn more about what the Go Overseas team is up to, the latest projects we're working on, and what the day to day is like at Go Overseas HQ.