Meg's Fave Reads: Rockin' International Education Blogs

Working for a website means I spend a great deal of my time each week sitting in front of the computer. And while staring at code is oh-so-fascinating, sometimes I need a little break. That's where these bad boys come in.

Whether it be for inspiration, information, professional development, or just because I downright enjoy their writing styles, here are my favorite blogs in the international education realm on the world wide web.

Melibee Global

Melibee truly has a pulse for what's going on in the international education community. If it's happening, she's probably one of the first to know about it. She also has some great "Bees" on her team (shout out @midwestash & @daniellesleeper!).

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Atlas Sliced

The gal behind Atlas Sliced creates 5-15 minute video "slices," or tv bits, featuring hard working and inspirational folks who have worked and lived abroad. Her interviews are now available as podcasts, adding to the variety she brings to the table.

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Mandy's Mashups

This website's namesake is making strides in connecting international education professionals with social media tips and tricks. Besides her blog, she also offers workshops and online courses to help us old foagies get with the #times!

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The PIE News

What info DOESN'T the PIE News exhibit?! From job opportunities, to professional advice, to research on the field, they've got it covered. The PIE News helps me understand international ed in a broader context, as it doesn't just focus on the US.

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International Higher Education Consulting

David Comp's website provides a great hub of information for higher education professionals. His expertise spans online and print publications and covers international education from a more analytical, research-focused angle.

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Study Abroad Spotlight

Working online means less interaction with the students who have incredible and transformative experiences abroad. Sparky gives me the dose of inspiration I need to "keep at it"; here, you'll find stories-a-plenty from study abroad alums + others.

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The Study Abroad Blog

I've enjoyed witnessing Nate's site and online presence grow over the past few years - this guy's a study abroad pro (having done it 3 times!). He is a fantastic example of the kind of person students can truly relate to and get real, practical advice from.

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Native Foreigner Magazine

This magazine is the culmination of the colorful and spunky side of studying abroad, full of personality and great info. Lindsay has great things in store for the coming year, including some innovative re-entry tools. Consider submitting your own work!

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These all stars should be credited for their innovative approaches to blending the online world (and the avenues that college kids respond best to) and the importance of international education. All of these projects embody dedication and creativity and have challenged me to broaden my perspectives on both the study abroad and travel industries.

To these writers, thanks for all of the thought provoking and inspiring projects you are working on. I look forward to continuing follow ya'll in the future!

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