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Move Over, Drupal 6!

Tucker Hutchinson
Topic Expert

Tucker is a Sonoma native, Hamilton alum, and proud co-founder of Go Overseas. He has taught abroad in South Korea and volunteered abroad in El Salvador.

Maybe we’re a little biased, but we believe the Go Overseas website gets a little better every day. Even if we don’t make any functional changes, our users share valuable stories of their overseas experiences at all hours: reviews, interviews, videos, questions, comments, pictures, you name it!

Most days, the team here in Berkeley also improves the site. Usually, these are small tweaks, such as fixing a bug or improving a call to action for our users to respond to. Some months we unveil a whole new section (most recently TEFL Courses) or a new suite of Provider or User features (community interactivity, analytics, content tools, etc). Once in awhile (twice in seven years), we launch a whole new website!

Earlier this month we migrated from Drupal 6 to Drupal 8. This is, as I mentioned, effectively launching a new website. It was the first time we’ve upgraded our content management system (CMS) and is the single biggest technical investment we’ve ever made. Drupal is the software that serves as our CMS and is responsible for driving everything our users see and do. The Go Overseas site was built on Drupal 6, the latest version available to us in 2009. It was a great platform for us as we started to grow, but was starting to show its age.

With Drupal 8 nearing completion last year we made the decision to upgrade. It took nine months of intense work to prepare and then migrate the entire website to its new home. Our CTO, Andrew used the analogy of a construction project to explain the scope and complexity of the move: we remodeled our house ( in the midst of hosting a giant dinner party (1,000,000 monthly visitors and 6,000+ providers). We had to upgrade the house and all the furniture in it, without disturbing any of those guests. No small feat!

After successfully launching the new ‘back end’ of the site, we celebrated by kidnapping Andrew to Las Vegas for the night, where we forced him to shave his 5-month beard. He decided to get a few tattoos on his own – we had a lot to celebrate.

We invested those thousands of human hours into upgrading to Drupal 8 for two reasons:

  1. Drupal 8 is a vastly more powerful platform for us to develop new features on. We’ll be able to do more for our providers and visitors, faster. Look out for lots of new features starting next quarter (and beyond).

  2. It’s both more stable and more secure. We’ll always take the long- term view when it comes to the site.

We hope you enjoy the new, improved Go Overseas website, and ask you to forgive us if you see a few seams showing in the upholstery. As always, we’ll continue to work to improve our site, even as we’ve just completed a massive overhaul. Thanks for joining us on the journey so far.

Want to learn more about Drupal? Check out the links below. In short, it’s an enterprise level CMS system that powers websites like UC Berkeley’s and The White House.

A big thanks to our Development team (Andrew, Logan, Lauren, and James) for their incredible work in bringing this project to fruition.

Feel free to send us any questions you have about this upgrade and what it means for Go Overseas and our partners: