Australia Rural Work Exchange

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Australia Rural Exchange
Australia Rural Exchange


Learn and earn while you experience the sights and sounds of Australia!

Numadi collaborates with great farmers with an interest in employing, teaching and learning from young farmers from around the world. We partner mainly with dairy farmers, though we often have options for work in horticulture (fruit and vegetables), cropping, sheep, beef, and horses. Most farm types have positions available all year round, with some having busier times based on the season.

Farms in Australia are predominantly grass based, with the climate allowing animals to stay outdoors year round. Depending on the season, you’ll work between 40 and 60 hours per week. You could start as early as 4 am and normally finish around 6pm.

  • Broaden your social network while working with 8 or more other employees on the farm.
  • Gain exposure to all aspects of farming in Australia.
  • Learn work methods that vary according to the farm you’re placed.
  • Explore Australia on your own or with new friends and discover amazing places!
  • Add your résumé with international work experience.

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