Costa Rica Jungle Survival
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Costa Rica Jungle Survival

Building on the success of our Belize Trekker program, meet the revamped and award winning Costa Rica Trekforce Jungle Training course! Develop survival skills, build jungle camps and navigate your way through the jungle. On your journey you will learn jungle first aid, evacuation training and take part in our thrilling solo survival night!

Leaving the Caribbean coast we head off in land. Led by one of our highly experienced Expedition Leaders we hire local guides on route to guide us away from the coastal inhabited areas, deeper into the jungle, visiting remote indigenous communities before we scale the central highlands. Rising out of the jungle the amazing views take you to another world.

Taking turns to lead, catching fish to eat, bathing in explosive waterfalls, deep in the jungle - you will put your Survival Training into practice. You will gain confidence day by day and build on your remote expedition experience. Words cannot describe this one-in-a-lifetime experience.

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Program Reviews (3)

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39 years old

Great trip for those looking for a real adventure


This is a trip that's not like 'normal' travel companies will dare provide. It's a real adventure with a real challenge and no safety net! Something to really build the character.

If I take away one story it'll be when the rope bridge over the raging river collapsed when we were half way across and an hour after it was dark, in the driving rain, the resourcefulness and braveness of the group leaders were able to get us all across to the local plantation...

How can this program be improved?

Everyone on the trip were unsure about the kit to take. It seems there were several kit lists that were sent around and all of us bought something were told later wasn't required. I think this was a mix up in the office.

This is a very tough trip and nobody ever asked about general health or fitness. I'm generally quite fit but found this trip very tough having not done much fitness related for a month or two.

The trip was three weeks, roughly two of which were on the trip and one at 'field camp' which is probably not the most hospitable place in the world, but it's there to prepare you for the trip ahead. The training there could easily have been done in far less time (not withstanding we had to spend an extra day there because the local guide missed his bus). It felt like we spent less than half the time there learning anything - and that could often have been done better.

Another day or two on the Carribean side after the trek would have been great (I know we missed a day because the local guide missed the bus).

Sorry if this sounds like a moany list - it really isn't - I had a great time - I went looking for adventure after finding that most similar trips nanny you a little too much - and this felt very, very real - exactly what I was after!

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24 years old
United Kingdom

Unbelizable! (someone had to say it)


Living in the jungle is an experience I'll never forget. Not a day went by without a 'wow' moment; whether it be simply taking in the jungle surroundings, swimming in beautiful waterfalls, watching the sunset from pyramids, eating spam, going wild with machetes or hearing about Paul's latest experience in the long drop.

Couldn't have asked for a better group to spend two months with, leader included! Terry risked life and limb (quite literally) to ensure we got the most out of every day and had a trip which went way beyond expectations.

Belt kit night was a highlight for me - going off into the jungle in pairs for two days with just our machetes, first aid kit and a few basic rations. Here our survival training was put to the test as we built our shelter, beds and fire. Despite a thunderstorm, a visit from coral snake and no sleep, I can say that night was one of the best experiences I'll probably ever have!

How can this program be improved?

The kit list could do with being updated by a leader - some bits weren't needed.

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24 years old
University of Edinburgh

Awesome trip


Just done the 2 month trekkers course in Belize and really enjoyed it! Living in the jungle was an incredible experience, and a great mixture of things on the itinerary to keep things fresh! Becoming jungle trained, seeing snakes, cave kayaking, swimming in waterfalls and touching sharks at the barrier reef aren't everyday activities!
Belize is a really cool country with lots of friendly people wherever we went! Also had an awesome group of guys and girls doing the same trip, which was something everybody always worries about! Our leader was a great guy too, always keeping things entertaining and was helpful.
Would definitely recommend the trip to anybody looking for a completely different, action-packed, jungle-bashing trip! You won't regret doing it!

How can this program be improved?

Better advice on the kit list. I spent a lot of money buying some nice kit, when in hindsight I could have saved some money if I'd known what I really needed- i.e if I had talked to a someone with experience like our leader before.
I didn't mind because it's kind of like an investment for the future, but other people might not have the same opinion!

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