CIEE Gap Year in Monteverde, Costa Rica – Women in STEM

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Ready to put science into action? Here’s your chance to collaborate with like-minded young women on some of today’s most critical challenges: climate change, food security, and the protection of water resources and biodiversity. With scientists and experts as your mentors and guides, you’ll learn first-hand how women in STEM can make a difference, for the better.

First you’ll create your own research or engineering project, picking from topics such as: food waste, “pig poo” and biogas; data modeling and shrinking carbon footprints; farm production and biodiversity; and impacts of cattle production on forest conservation.

Next, you’ll put your problem-solving skills to the test! Design your own tiny houses or rainwater harvesting systems. Research innovative solutions to reforestation. Do your own carbon accounting and data modeling. Or devise an innovation that provides a creative solution of your own.

  • Gain professional experience and training. Return home with a better understanding of your professional goals and concrete insights into what a STEM career could look like for you.
  • Build a strong foundation in the core components of intercultural learning. Come home with an improved sense of self and awareness of what shapes others.
  • A Certificate of Learning in STEM and Sustainability.

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