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Program participants must be in the dental field in order to qualify for this internship placement. You may encounter situations that are not common to your home country and you will also experience different methods of treatment. This will add to your wealth of experience and make you a standout candidate in your future career. You can opt to intern/volunteer with one of the hospitals or clinics in Kumasi or in the semi-rural Senya Breku. Patients often travel great distances to be able to go to the hospital for treatment. You will have the opportunity to work with Our Generation Voluntary Organisation’s (OGVO) dental elective internship programs in Ghana. Participants will be able to choose between working in cities or villages while assisting professional dentists. This is a great opportunity for dental students who want to add hands-on experience to their training. First and second year dental students will shadow doctors and help with basic tasks.

  • Volunteer or intern in dental clinics in Ghana
  • Expand your dental experience
  • Assist in procedures
  • Learn from local dentists

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