Adventure Guide Program | Iceland

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Enormous cascading waterfalls, incredible natural hot springs, moon-like ancient lava fields and rainbow-striped mountains.

Join us for this epic 12-week program in Iceland. We will hike to remote mountain tops as we try to catch the northern lights, learn about Iceland’s culture and unique environmental features, dine with the lovely locals and explore some of the best rock climbing and hiking spots on the planet.

You’ll also gain industry standard hiking and climbing qualifications and your Wilderness First Aid certification. Upon completion, you’ll have the essential tools to gain employment in the adventure tourism industry or become an outdoor guru capable of global adventure to any corner or peak on the globe.

  • Twelve week adventure tourism training and qualification program based in Iceland
  • Industry standard Bush Leader & Rock Leader qualifications
  • International Wilderness First Aid certification
  • Three multi-night hiking trips through the colorful mountains, past active volcanoes, and under roaring waterfalls
  • Very personalized small group experience, maximum of 12 participants

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