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Update 8/1/2014: Our photo competition is now closed! Please check on the Go Overseas Facebook page on August 8th for our announcement of the contest's winners!

Have you ever studied, taught, or volunteered abroad? Are you currently studying, teaching, or volunteering abroad? If so, we know you've been busily clicking away and taking photos of your experience abroad! Don’t let those photos get forgotten on your computer -- share your memories with the world by entering Go Overseas’ 2014 travel photo competition!

The theme for Go Overseas' 2014 contest is Faces in Places. Unlike most travel photo competitions, we don't just want to see photos of a great landscape -- we want you, your friends, and the locals you met along the way in those photos too! So, you know that photo you and your study abroad friends took in front of the Eiffel Tower? Or that one of your students working on an art project? This is the photo contest for those shining study, volunteer, and teach abroad photos!

Use this unique opportunity to show off your awesome photographic skills and share your experience studying, teaching, and volunteering abroad with Go Overseas’ readers and the world. Plus, did we mention there are prizes...?



Although we have one, overarching theme, all submissions must fit within one of the following three categories. Participants are welcome to enter for all three, or just one, it's up to you!

Study Abroad

  • Do you have photos of you and your study abroad friends having fun? Or maybe you managed to capture a great snapshot of your host family? If so, this category is for you!

This category is opened to anyone who has previously studied or is currently studying abroad.

Teach Abroad

  • Do you have photos of you in the classroom teaching? Taking a weekend getaway during your time teaching abroad? Or perhaps just a great photo of your students having fun learning English? If so, send us your photos of teaching in action!

This category is open to anyone who has taught or is currently teaching abroad. (*Although we prefer photos of English / ESL teachers, teachers of any subject are welcome to apply.*)

Volunteer Abroad

  • Do you have a photo of you working on a volunteer project abroad? Photos of your host community? Photos of your other volunteers in action -- volunteering, interacting with your host country, or just traveling? If so, send us your photos of volunteering in action!

This category is open to anyone who has previously volunteered or is currently volunteering abroad.

The Prizes:

  • First: $100 Amazon gift card and admission into the Go Overseas Photo Corps.
  • Second: $50 Amazon gift card and admission into the Go Overseas Photo Corps.
  • Third: $25 Amazon gift card and admission into the Go Overseas Photo Corps.
  • Runner ups -- Automatic admission into our new Photo Corps and the opportunity to have your photos featured on the Go Overseas blog!

The winners will be announced on August 8th, 2014. Check our Facebook page for updates. Winners will be contacted personally by the Go Overseas team via email.

Who Can Enter?

  • The photo contest is opened to all non-professional photographers.
  • This is a global photo contest. Citizens of all countries are welcome to participate.
  • Participants must be at least 18 years or older.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Each participant is allowed to submit a maximum of 5 photos per category.
  • Each participant is allowed to submit to all three categories with a maximum total of 15 photos (i.e. 5 study abroad photos; 5 teach abroad photos; 5 volunteer abroad photos)
  • The focus of all submitted photographs must be in line with the theme (that means, we want photos of you, your friends, or locals in the place that you studied, taught, or volunteered abroad; not just photos of pretty landscapes or last night’s dinner!).
  • Minimum dimensions: 800 x 400 pixels.
  • All photos who do not meet these qualifications or do not follow the outlined instructions will be automatically disqualified.

How to Submit Your Entry:

Entries must be submitted via email no later than July 31st, 2014 at 11:59 PST to our Photography Assistant, Tina, at [email protected]. All e-mails must follow the following format:


Subject Line: First and Last Name - Faces in Places Submission
(Example: Jane Smith - Faces in Places Submission)

In the body of your e-mail, please include and complete the following information:

  • Name:
  • Location:
  • Birthday:
  • E-mail:
  • Phone:
  • Number of Study Submissions:
  • Number of Teach Submissions:
  • Number of Volunteer Submissions:
  • Did you volunteer/teach/study with a program provider? Who?:

All photos must be submitted as e-mail attachments. We will accept .jpg and .png files only. Full resolution preferred. All files must be titled Last name - Location - Category. If you are submitting multiple photos in the same location and category, please also number your photos. For example:

  • Smith-Paris-France-Study1.jpg
  • Smith-Paris-France-Study2.jpg
  • Smith-Paris-France-Study3.jpg
  • Smith-Morocco-Volunteer.jpg
  • Smith-Egypt-Teach.jpg

If you have any questions regarding the photo contest, please Contact Us or leave a comment in the comments section to get more information. But most importantly, get clicking and have fun!

Deadline: July 31st, 2014, 11:59pm PST.

Some Fine Print:

If you are accepted as a runner up, Go Overseas retains permission to publish your submissions in articles on Go Overseas Blog. If used, we will give you full credit and e-mail you to notify you if your photos are used. However, you will retain all rights to your photos and are welcome to publish them elsewhere in addition to Go Overseas.

Photo Credits: The Nomadic Beat, Greenheart Travel, and Elaina Giolando
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