Spend Your High School Summer Abroad in Valparaiso, Chile

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Get a taste of Chile’s vibrant culture by immersing yourself in the daily traditions of the Chilean people. The city of Valparaiso embraces a strong high school culture, building on the diversity of students’ socioeconomic backgrounds. Private and public schools are actively involved in the artistic, cultural, and social communities here, offering an unusual blend of learning opportunities to visiting students.

Immerse yourself through engaging class time and trips to places such as Santiago’s fashionable Vitacura district, museums, and cultural centers. You’ll experience the natural wonders of the Pucón region, home to volcanoes, lakes, and many more. Feel the language come easier and more naturally than ever before, through everyday conversation.

College credit option is available for this program; see our site for details.

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Yes, I recommend this program

An amazing experience and a great place to improve Spanish skills

My program in Valparaíso, Chile, recently ended and I am returning to the United States where I live (unfortunately). First of all, let me say that this program is absolutely amazing, but it still has its pros and cons. When I began my journey, I received nothing less than support from on-site staff, program leaders, and language teachers. I do not recall any bad experience with them and I will miss them as much as I will miss the destination itself. They were all very nice, respectful, and helpful. My host family and host sibling placement was amazing. I got along well with them and the only problem I had was with the bathroom in the house breaking and a slight invasion of ants into the hallway (which is out of control of anyone). The activities in this program are almost always enjoyable. There is a lot of walking, and viewing street art and museums, which can be boring if you aren't into that. The larger weekend trips (one of which was overnight) were amazing. One problem with being so busy is just how tired you will get. The projects and journals for class are also required and very time consuming. You must be prepared to be going and doing all the time, and you will have fun on this trip!

What would you improve about this program?
Less coursework, more free time, no ´reflection journals´
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Yes, I recommend this program


CIEE is a wonderful program that works hard to make sure every participant feels satisfied with their experience and become true global navigators. The staff members were as eager and excited as the students and CIEE did a really good job of matching students with their home families. I personally fell in love with my home stay family and I plan to visit frequently in the future. In addition, I made amazing friends that live throughout the United States and we are in contact till this day. CIEE not only makes sure that it's participants feel safe and comfortable throughout their trip, but they also make sure participants experience a diverse set of activities, all which help them understand the culture of Chile. My experience was amazing and I felt like I was part of a new family.

What would you improve about this program?
I think one improvement could be perhaps working on bettering the communication between CIEE and participants before the trip. CIEE assigns online assignments to all participants prior to the trip to make sure everyone feels comfortable transitioning, however I think CIEE should offer a section on what to bring to Chile and how to prepare for the activities.
Response from CIEE Global Navigator

Hi Giselle, thank you for your review. We’re so glad you enjoyed your summer program with us! Your feedback is very important and helps us improve our students’ experiences abroad. Typically, CIEE provides a site-specific packing list and a schedule of available activities for every program prior to departure. We will assess any updates to make sure the material we provide is crystal clear!

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Yes, I recommend this program


My experience in Chile with CIEE was one of the best I have ever had in my life, and I think about it almost every day. Not only did I learn lots of new Spanish communication skills, but I also developed a very strong bond with my host family. We got very close over the course of the program and are still in touch today. I was excited to wake up every day while abroad and there was never a dull moment.

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Yes, I recommend this program

I miss Valpo so much!

Whenever I get the chance to talk, I make sure to tell everyone about my experience with CIEE's program for Valparaiso, Chile. The program itself was extremely beneficially, because my Spanish is much stronger and I feel more comfortable speaking with family and friends. I also enjoyed the program thanks to the team leaders, Maria Paz Montes was such a kind lady and the group leaders were just as great too. The environment I was housed in was perfect, and I got lucky enough to have a veteran host family who had worked with CIEE for many years. As for the country itself, it was spectacular! I cannot wait to return one day, hopefully with my own family or maybe even with CIEE? I think that would be an amazing opportunity if it were to present itself.

What would you improve about this program?
Planning for "rainy days" better is one area of improvement. I like free time as much as any teen, but sometimes structure is good when in a different country. Going out and exploring on one's own is great, but for those "rainy days" there ought to be a plan b.
Response from CIEE Global Navigator

Hi Bianca, thank you for your review. We’re so glad you enjoyed your summer program with us! Your feedback is very important and helps us improve our students’ experiences abroad. Unfortunately, the summer program in Valparaiso is the winter season in Chile, so it can rain at times. CIEE keeps this in mind when planning the summer abroad program and strives to find a balance of excursions and free time. But we appreciate our students’ flexibility and cooperation during unpredictable and inclement weather!

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Yes, I recommend this program

My Summer Abroad in Valpo

From start to finish, CIEE made my summer in Valpraíso, Chile unforgettable. I signed up super late, yet CIEE was very accommodating in helping me be part of their program. All of the group leaders were funny, charismatic, and intelligent. Everyone shared their backgrounds and experiences and what led them to this experience in Chile and I was lucky to be surrounded by some truly fascinating individuals with whom I still have contact with, almost a year later. My host family was extremely caring and funny. I wouldn’t have been able to grow as much in the Spanish language if I hadn’t been with them. My family did not know English, so I was forced to develop my speaking skills, which was truly invaluable. The program confirmed that I wanted to study Spanish and international relations in college; experiencing another country’s culture for a straight month by living in it was incredible and I have to thank CIEE for having such a huge impact on my life.

What would you improve about this program?
There are three levels of classes with CIEE, but if I were them I would add another, higher level. The native Spanish speakers were not very challenged in the highest level class and even I wasn’t that challenged. Other than that, there’s nothing I would change.
Response from CIEE Global Navigator

Hi Max, thank you for your review. We’re so glad that you enjoyed your summer program with us! Your feedback is very important and helps us improve our students’ experiences abroad. We know we have gifted students with a knack for languages, which is why we are opening more intensive programs to challenge the best speakers in our groups. Look out for our new programs in Palma de Mallorca and Alicante, Spain! We also have redesigned our language pledge to encourage students to stay in the target language when communicating with host families, teachers, program leaders, and peers.

Yes, I recommend this program

The city that opened my eyes

As of 8:30 pm today, I officially have left in a city that has given the best experience of my life. Though, I was originally terrified to come to Chile. It was not even close to where I wanted to go. I wanted to go to somewhere in Europe, along with my best friend who was most definitely going (and did go) to Spain. When I found out that I was going to Chile, I almost didn't accept my scholarship because I was so afraid, but I did. That decision was the best decision of my life. At 16, I was going to traveling the world, alone. I had never been outside the country before, but now I was doing it on my own, and it has been the greatest experience of my life. This city has given me a piece of myself that I was not aware was missing. To me, Valparaíso is the most beautiful and wonderful city in the world. The people here are some of the greatest people and the nicest I've ever met. There's always a smile on their faces and a genuine greeting following close behind. Though, the people here aren't the only great thing about this city, the food here is phenomenal, I’ve never tasted better food anywhere. Though, Valparaíso has taught me important life lessons. It taught has to be more independent, and trust my instincts and the people around me even with a language barrier. I am so thankful for this opportunity. This city has taught me more about myself than my small town in upstate NY ever could. While I am a proud small town American girl and probably always will be, this city will have a piece of my heart and soul.