CIEE High School Summer Abroad in Valparaiso, Chile: Spanish Language & Culture
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CIEE High School Summer Abroad in Valparaiso, Chile: Spanish Language & Culture

Get a taste of Chile’s vibrant culture by immersing yourself in the daily traditions of the Chilean people. The city of Valparaiso embraces a strong high school culture, building on the diversity of students’ socioeconomic backgrounds. Private and public schools are actively involved in the artistic, cultural, and social communities here, offering an unusual blend of learning opportunities to visiting students.

Immerse yourself through engaging class time and trips to places such as Santiago’s fashionable Vitacura district, museums, and cultural centers. You’ll experience the natural wonders of the Pucón region, home to volcanoes, lakes, and many more. Feel the language come easier and more naturally than ever before, through everyday conversation.

College credit option is available for this program; see our site for details.

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17 years old
Hilton, New York

The city that opened my eyes


As of 8:30 pm today, I officially have left in a city that has given the best experience of my life. Though, I was originally terrified to come to Chile. It was not even close to where I wanted to go. I wanted to go to somewhere in Europe, along with my best friend who was most definitely going (and did go) to Spain. When I found out that I was going to Chile, I almost didn't accept my scholarship because I was so afraid, but I did. That decision was the best decision of my life. At 16, I was going to traveling the world, alone. I had never been outside the country before, but now I was doing it on my own, and it has been the greatest experience of my life. This city has given me a piece of myself that I was not aware was missing. To me, Valparaíso is the most beautiful and wonderful city in the world. The people here are some of the greatest people and the nicest I've ever met. There's always a smile on their faces and a genuine greeting following close behind. Though, the people here aren't the only great thing about this city, the food here is phenomenal, I’ve never tasted better food anywhere. Though, Valparaíso has taught me important life lessons. It taught has to be more independent, and trust my instincts and the people around me even with a language barrier. I am so thankful for this opportunity. This city has taught me more about myself than my small town in upstate NY ever could. While I am a proud small town American girl and probably always will be, this city will have a piece of my heart and soul.

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