Colombia: Stories of Peace & Resistance High School Summer Program

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Experience a vibrant and diverse country from snowy Andean peaks, rainforests with endless shades of green, alpine wetlands that produce water as if by miracle, and the many colors and rhythms of the Pacific and Atlantic coasts. These spectacular backdrops – along with the many traditions of Colombia’s indigenous communities, African descendants, and people of European heritage – create a fascinating fusion of landscapes, cultures, and identities. The history of conflict and transformation that Colombia has endured in recent decades, leading to the current Peace Process, offers meaningful lessons around the power of resistance, memory, resilience, and forgiveness in the face of civil conflict.

  • Learn about the dynamics of peace-building and reconciliation in a post-conflict context, processes of grassroots resistance and sustainable development, Indigenous and Afro-Colombian identity and representation.
  • Opportunity to study and examine topics such as music, dance and the arts; biodiversity and conservation; pre-Colombian history and processes of decolonization; urban youth movements.
  • Village homestay with indigenous families in the southwestern highlands, second homestay in an Afro-Colombian community on the Caribbean coast.
  • Small group Spanish classes in the highlands and on the coast. About 8 days of formal instruction, with opportunities for language immersion throughout.
  • One 3-4 day trek in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Hiking is somewhat strenuous, sleeping in hammocks in the jungle along the way.

New: Fall and Spring Domestic Gap Semesters

We are excited to announce two North American Gap Semesters - the Rio Grande Semester: Stories of Culture, Identity, & Environment Along the Southern Border and the Colorado River Basin Semester: Sustainable Relationships with Land and Water in the Western United States.

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