Discovering Italy through Food, Art, & Sports: Florence, Italy (High School)

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Dive into Italian culture. Collaborate on a creative project. Experience magical Florence.

Immerse yourself in Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance and a city that has inspired creative minds for centuries. Learn about three focus areas—Italian food, art, and sports—from expert professors. You’ll savor Italian cuisine, appreciate Florentine art and architecture, and watch the World Cup with local buddies. Then you’ll choose one of these topics to explore in depth. Design and develop a group project with classmates based on your area of interest—an experience that will be a valuable in your college application process.

  • Earn college credit
  • Live and learn in the historic city center of Florence
  • Go on a group overnight trip to Siena
  • Enroll in beginning or intermediate Italian
  • Explore contemporary Italy through food, art, and sports

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