CIEE High School Summer Abroad in Rabat, Morocco – Arabic Language & Culture

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Join the daily swirl of life in Rabat, the cosmopolitan capital that’s home to diplomats, students, and multilingual professionals. It’s the ideal backdrop for your daily Arabic language instruction (in both Darija and Modern Standard Arabic), followed by afternoon volunteer work with a children’s art workshop and explorations into the rich traditions of Moroccan culture.

Drink mint tea, eat traditional sweets and take in sweeping ocean views in cafes near the 12th-century Kasbah. Converse with merchants while browsing in the old-world Medina. Back home with your Moroccan host family, you’ll practice your Arabic skills as you prepare and share traditional meals and enjoy authentic everyday life.

College credit option is available for this program; see our site for details.

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Yes, I recommend this program


Morocco was a riveting and absolutely beautiful experience. From the beautiful gardens to the beach to the bustling Medina, market, you had to be vigilant, not only to save your belongings and to fully enjoy and burn into your Rabat’s beauty into your memory. I was painfully unaware of the saving your belongings part yet that would not ruin my experience. The food you will eat in Rabat, such as tajine and Moroccan tea will be missed by your tastebuds. You will experience Moroccan culture but also Tamazight, the oldest people living in Morocco and the hardships they faced. You will also witness French colonization and how deep of a effect it has. Last but not least you will experience the culture of Sub-Saharan Africans who live some as refugees and others as professionals and Islamic culture but with the Moroccan spin on it.

If you did this all over again, what's one thing you would change?
Hold onto your belongings and don’t be so trusting because they are Muslims too. Also, GET A FANNY PACK. Its so useful.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Rabat Morocco language and culture session 1

Overall, it was a great learning experience. There were a few up and downs but it was nothing that couldn’t be slept off. My host family was so sweet and I hope to be able to visit them again. The food was great and the study center was in a very convenient location. There was plenty of independence, which my friends and i took advantage of by seeing more of the city in our free time. I hope to visit the city again.

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Yes, I recommend this program


I personally LOVED my experience in Rabat, Morocco this summer! We were paired up with a host family, matched specifically for us, and I stayed with the kindest, most amazing host family for four weeks! There were only 13 of us in the program, but everyone there was amazing and ready to engage (the instructors there were also oh so ready to help - even the cultural peers were awesome)! It could not have been a better group! We visited places like Meknes, Tangier, and even stayed in Chefchaouen for a couple of days - every day was filled with something to do! There were even mini excursions every day like an African Dance Workshop and surfing lessons which made the experience ten times better! Hopefully, it will not be my last trip to Morocco - inshallah!

What would you improve about this program?
The classes should have a bit more structure and more time in MSA classes.
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