CIEE High School Summer Abroad in Mohammedia, Morocco – Mentoring Youth & Raising Social Awareness

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CIEE High School Summer Abroad in Mohammedia
CIEE High School Summer Abroad in Mohammedia



This program is based out of the American Language Center (ALC), a non-profit with over 30 years of experience working with local NGOs on cross-cultural exchange. Through the ALC’s myriad outreach programs, you’ll work with local youth, collaborate with Moroccan peers, and learn to look at complex issues from multiple perspectives.

You’ll pack a lot into these three weeks, and options abound: Meet with government leaders, teachers and medical staff. Mentor underprivileged youth at a US embassy-sponsored summer camp. Run arts and crafts workshops for after-school programs. Create newsletters and contribute to international podcasts. Collaborate with peers to raise awareness on education, the environment, and a range of social issues.

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Mohammedia, Morocco Study Abroad (Mentoring Youth and Raising Social Awareness)

Going into the Mohemmedia, Morocco mentoring youth and raising social awareness program, I had no prior expectations. I did not know much about the culture, language, or what I would be experiencing. After essentially being in it, I was amazed. Everyone was so kind to one another and I had so much support from my peers and program leaders. It honestly felt like we were part of a real family. Being with the host families was also a very life-changing experience. I loved how not only were we able to travel to Morocco, but we were able to be in a space where we could truly experience the culture and how it is like to live in a Moroccan household, essentially as though we were really Moroccans. Lastly, the kids were probably one of the best highlights of the trip. I loved seeing their eagerness to learn English and how quickly we all bonded with them. Not only were we teaching them English, but they also helped us learn Darija, which was very helpful once we were out in the local community and had to communicate with the local people. Overall, my experience was one that I will never forget and I will definitely take what I learned there back to my own home community. I definitely encourage anyone interested in this program to definitely consider applying and going through with the process of getting in.

What was your funniest moment?
Probably dinner time when the family and my roommate and I would crack lots of jokes.